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Montreal Cocktail Week

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I enjoy good food but I also enjoy good cocktails. So of course when I found out that Montreal was having its own cocktail week, I screamed of joy. Even more when I saw that you could purchase a passport for 20 dollars, which allows you get the signature cocktail of participating restaurants and bars for 5 dollars. Did I just write 5 instead of 15? Yes I did! Most cocktails usually cost a minimum of 10 dollars. Hopefully these cocktails will be standard size and with a fair amount of alcohol.

There are over 20 bars and restaurants participating in the first edition of Montreal’s cocktail week. There will be cocktail nights every night at different locations and highlighting a different alcohol. Some of those cocktail nights require a reservation. A brunch will be held at Le Richmond on May 4 from 11 am to 3 pm. It costs 35 dollars per person.

The closing party will be the Canadian finale of Made With Love ,the largest and most extravagant cocktail competition, at Auberge St-Gabriel on May 6 from 6 to 10 pm. It costs 90 dollars per person or if you buy it with your passport online, it will cost 100.

There will also be seminars but reserved for bartenders, mixologists and owners of bars or restaurants.

I absolutely love the four agents, who are adorable characters from popular cocktails. Follow Colonel Collins, Captain Old Fashioned, Major Martini and Miss Margarita in their quest.

For more information, visit the website only available in French Invasion Cocktail. You can also like their Facebook page.

p.s. Some participating bars and restaurants that I will probably check out: Miss Villeray, Le Lab comptoir a cocktails, Flyjin, Le Pourvoyeur, etc…

Pretty cocktail

Cocktail posted on their Facebook page.





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