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Ruth and I had a date at Cacao 70 in late April 2013. I had heard so much from this chocolate joint compared to Juliette et Chocolat. There was a long line on a Friday night but we were lucky to only wait around 30 to 40 minutes.

Despite the cold outside, I didn’t want to drink a hot chocolate. Our waitress suggested I try a milkshake since I was craving something sweet and light. I ordered a large Milk Chocolate milkshake made with vanilla ice cream and homemade milk chocolate base. It was impossible for me that a milkshake could be light but this one was. I had one sip and I was surprised at how light it tasted.

IMG_4977 IMG_4978

I was very hungry as I didn’t have dinner. I was still going to order a chocolate dessert after so Ruth suggested we share our meals. I suggested a salty crepe and we agreed to order the House Special crepe. It was a French crepe stuffed with grilled chicken, mayonnaise, parsley, baby spinach and white cheddar cheese. It was really good, especially the mix of melted cheese and chicken. It was a good salty crepe that fills up.

IMG_4979 IMG_4980 IMG_4981

We then ordered the Triple Chocolate Pizza. It comes in a full or half size and since we were a bit full due to the salty crepe, we smartly opted for the half size. Melted dark, milk and white chocolate chunks cover a pizza crust. The pizza is served with warm white chocolate sauce, strawberries and bananas. It was the most delicious pizza that I have ever tasted in my life. Whether you prefer only one chocolate, you will definitely enjoy this pizza. The chocolate sauce was heavenly. I remember wishing that we had more fruits or pizza crust to just dip in the sauce.

IMG_4982 IMG_4983 IMG_4984

It gets a grade of 9/10. The service was nice and efficient, the food was delicious but the wait was not fun. I hate waiting to eat even if the food is worth the wait. It cost us just under than 45 dollars with taxes and tips included for two. I definitely recommend Cacao 70 to everyone who loves chocolate. I personally preferred it to Juliette et Chocolat. This would be a nice place for a date, extra points if it’s the first date. It’s even fun to go among friends and did I mention they have brunch?

I need to return to try their fondues and other meals. I did return to try a milkshake to go. It was the Diving Icing Mint Chocolate Milkshake with mint chocolate ice cream and homemade dark chocolate base. It was a nice refreshing drink on a hot day of summer. It was heavier than the milk chocolate one and I had trouble finishing the large size.


Large mint chocolate milkshake


Me holding the heaviest bar of chocolate I’ve seen.


Cacao 70 (2 locations)


2087 Sainte-Catherine West, Montreal, QC

H3H 1M6 514-933-1688


1310 Sainte-Catherine East , Montreal, QC

H2L 2H5 514-528-6161

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  1. I feel that the picture of you with the chocolate bar is like an exact portrayal of your personality 🙂


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