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Ruth and I had coupons for an Argentinian restaurant on Beaubien street. Rox wanted to join us so we met on the corner of Saint-Michel and Beaubien in late February 2013. However when we entered the restaurant, they said we needed reservations since we have coupons. We were really disappointed and hungry. So we walked west, not even a corner of a street and found a Mexican restaurant that looked interesting. We entered the small and cute restaurant where a friendly family atmosphere reigned.

We decided to share an appetizer and ordered the guacamole. The guacamole was served in a nacho shaped bowl made of nachos and resting among other nachos with dollop of sour cream on top. The guacamole was delicious, the best I’ve tasted in a restaurant so far. I remember us fighting over the last few bites. It can definitely be eaten as a main dish by one person.

IMG_4802 IMG_4803

Rox and Ruth chose the same meal, a Combinacion. It was a combination of an enchilada, a tostada and a quesedilla. A bowl rice of was served with the plate. The quesadilla was filled with cheese and salsa. The tostada was a fried tortilla garnished with vegetables, sour cream and stewed pieces of beef. The enchilada was a stuffed tortilla with chicken and sauce poured over it before being topped with vegetables and sour cream. They all tasted good and both girls were happy with their dishes.

IMG_4804 IMG_4805

I wanted to try something new from Mexican food. I was hesitating between two dishes like always and decided to try the Tamales de pollo. They were papillotes of cornmeal stuffed with chicken with a tomato sauce over it and it was served on leaves of corn. The dish was served with a bowl or rice and black beans. The first bite I had was not very enjoyable. The cornmeal was dry and heavy. I had more bites thinking I might get used to the taste but I didn’t. I loved the beans, which I ate with the rice and pieces of chicken in the cornmeal. I kinda regreted my choice but at least, I can say I tried a more traditional Mexican dish.

IMG_4806 IMG_4807

We were served 2 different spicy sauces with our meals that we loved and even asked for some refills. The green one was spicier

IMG_4808 IMG_4809

We shared a dessert as we were all full from our meals. The Crepas con cajeta y grand marnier were two thin crepes soaked in caramel and Grand Marnier. It was a light dessert that tasted extremely sweet with a nice dose of alcoho. It was definitely my favourite dish of the night. I wish I could have finished it on my own, sometimes sharing isn’t a good idea.

IMG_4811 IMG_4812


It gets a grade of 8/10. The prices are decent. Around 30 dollars per person with taxes and tips included.

Despite my not so amazing experience with my main dish, I still recommend you to discover this authentic Mexican restaurant. Especially if your experience of Mexican food is the 3 Amigos chain. Whether you are going on a romantic date or among friends, it’s a nice place with a friendly staff.


Casa Figueora

3217 Beaubien East, Montreal, QC

H1Y 1H6 438-380-6275


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  1. haha i came here looking for some cool Argentinian meals and got some hot looking mexican dishes instead! Not disappointed! Although I’m sad I missed all this good food! xx

  2. Je me souviens avoir aimé quand on est allé l’an passé, mais depuis j’ai voulu en remanger et on a commandé là-bas, et c’était pas très bon. J’avais l’impression que puisqu’on n’était pas en salle, ils se foutaient pas mal de ce qu’ils nous donnaient. Alors, juste pour rajouter un bémol à la bonne critique: pas une bonne idée de commander là.


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