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On January 31, Rox and Ruth accompanied me to Kyo Bar Japonais for Happening Gourmand. It is the only restaurant that I tried during the festival. Being a student full-time is expensive, especially when you’re not working full-time anymore. I heard good things about the restaurant and was eager to try it. The restaurant offered a table d’hôte at 25 dollars without taxes, which included an appetizer, main dish and dessert.

The ambiance is of a chic izakaya where waiters wear dark dress shirts and pants while waitresses were red dresses. I liked that they installed us on the high tables and chairs in wood. In front of me was the bar and on the right was the sushi bar where two chefs were cutting sushis and preparing cold appetizers.

They have an interesting list of cocktails priced between 9 and 16 dollars. Rox had a cocktail (rich girl), a Guava Katana with sake, guava juice and ginger beer. It tasted nice and refreshing.


Rox and I ordered Agedashi tofu, fried tofu served with a soya-dashi sauce. It was good and crunchy.



Ruth ordered the Sunomon salad, which consisted of harusame (cellophane) noodles, cucumber, coriander, wakame (seaweed) and kanikama (crab stick).  She didn’t enjoy as much. I thought it tasted okay but too sour.


Rox ordered the Chirashizushi, a bowl of seafood and raw fish with aspargus, omelette served over rice used for sushi. She didn’t enjoy her meal at all, prefering Ruth and mine’s. I had a bite and thought it was okay until I tasted some fish.



Ruth ordered the Maki platter, 15 pieces of sushi selected by the chef. She loved her meal and impressed they did a good job. She is not easily impressed by Japanese restaurants. The 2 pieces of sushi she gave me were really good.


I ordered Shrimp tempura, which included 5 giant shrimps and vegetables fried. They served with a soya sauce and a bowl of rice accompanied the dish. It was delicious, I loved the shrimp and vegetables. The rice was not necessary in my opinion.


There were two choices for desserts, either Yuzu (citrus fruit) doughnuts served with condensed milk and black sesame or Green tea flaky pastry. Rox and I ordered the doughnuts, 3 small doughnuts came on a chopstick.  They were delicious and sour due to the yuzu. It tasted even better when dipped into the mix of condensed milk and black sesame. I was in heaven and wish I could have ordered more to bring home.


Ruth ordered the green tea flakie pastry. Green tea cream and whipped cream were surrounded by puff pastries with green tea powder sprinkled on top. It was light, fluffy and delicious.


It gets a grade of 7.5/10. The service was good and only two-third of our meals were good. I entered the restaurant with great expectations and they were not all met. The only thing that made me want to fall off my chair was the dessert. I am not sure if I would try the restaurant on another night at a regular price. I would maybe try it for lunch as they seem to have nice deals. I would only recommend this restaurant if you are in the area and are not willing to go further west.

I suggest making reservations. We only had a slot of two hours to enjoy our meal during Happening Gourmand, which was surprisingly enough time.

p.s. Sorry for the blurry pictures. I am using a DSLR camera rented from school and it was difficult taking nice pictures. I am used to it now and will probably buy one this summer hopefully.

Kyo Bar Japonais

711 cote de la Place D’Armes, Montreal, QC

H2Y 2W7 514-282-2711

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  1. That’s one of the things that I really wished i was there to go with you guys!! I live for prawn tempura seriously! xx


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