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Poutine Week: Aftermath

I realized that I haven’t written about the aftermath of Poutine Week. On the night of February 7th, after eating 10 poutine in a week, I started feeling nauseous. I thought I was gonna die but I woke up the next day feeling great. Oh and to those who thought that I gained a few pounds, well sorry to deceive you but I haven’t gained a single pound. I love my amazing metabolism system that allows me to eat as much as I can without gaining too much weight in a shot. However, I have started working out since to remain fit and in shape.

This year’s edition brought 5 different winners:

– The “Best Poutine” voted by you
– “This is Not a Poutine” award
– “The Healthiest Poutine”
– “The Most Outrageous Poutine”
– “The #LaPoutineWeek Favorite”

The “Best Poutine” went to Mange Moi Poutinerie who had a pulled pork poutine with homemade chicken and spice blend gravy named La Cochonne. The only one that I haven’t tried.

Mange Moi Poutinerie

La cochonne
The “This is Not a Poutine” award went to Au Cinquième Péché with their Seal poutine.
Au cinqui�me P�ch�
The “The Healthiest Poutine” went to Lola Rosa Park with their vegetarian Lola poutine.
la poutine week
The “Most Outrageous Poutine” went to Imadake Izakaya with their Okonomiyaki poutine.
la poutine week
The “#LaPoutineWeek Favorite” went to Blackstrap BBQ  with their BBQ Brisket chili poutine.
Blackstrap BBQ

I am really happy that I tried 4 out of the 5 winning poutines!!! When I think back to the week, I don’t know how I survived eating up to 2 poutines a day. A big thank you to everyone who accompanied me to the restaurants! Especially my sister’s boyfriend Alexandre who’s tried 5 poutines with me. You have my blessings now! Thank you to everyone who’s followed my posts and I hope you all enjoyed Poutine Week. If not, there’s always next year! : D



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