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Poutine Week

I talked about it in my previous post but I didn’t mention a detail that I wanted to confirm.


I am so excited for this amazing opportunity! How did I manage to get such a cool job? It started out as a job application to be a media director. The team was looking for someone who would film all 32 participating restaurants and take pictures of the poutine. Obviously, I applied as soon as I could. I sent a link of my blog to show my experience in taking good pictures and was then asked to be the official blogger. So what exactly am I doing? I will be trying out as many restaurants as possible in theweek and writing short reviews in both French and English. Did I mention that I will be trying these poutines without spending a dime? I remember last year, someone suggested I get sponsored to try out the poutines. This is like a dream come true.

So here are 13 restaurants that I am interested in trying out with a description of their poutines taken directly from La Poutine Week. I would try all of them out if I could but one week is not enough!  All the poutines are 10 dollars each without taxes or tips:

Blackstrap BBQ: BBQ BRISKET CHILI POUTINE  – Hand-cut fries, fresh cheese curds, BBQ brisket poutine gravy, BBQ brisket chilli and pickles for balance.


Imadake: ATTACK OF THE IMADAKE’S プーティン DISASTER 2014 – Japanese Street Comfort MEETS Quebecois Requisite Staple.

La Bêtise: LOBSTER AND BACON MACPOUTINE – Home made french fries, curd cheese topped off with a lobster and bacon mac and cheese.

Poutine Centrale: BUTTER CHICKEN – Chicken in a creamy Indian spiced sauce topped with cilantro.


Suwu: POOTIE TANG – Rosemary fries, Sortilège and maple sauce with bacon slices and bits, fried cheese curds.

Sesame: SHAOLIN $10 This delicious Shaolin poutine contains high quality ingredients such as Panko beef, a combination of 4 cheeses, mixed veggies all under a homemade asian influenced gravy.

Royal Phoenix bar: LA ROYALE – A generous portion of pulled pork with red cabbage and green apple cole slaw.

Regine Café: LA POUTINE “BREAKFAST” – Fries and homemade gravy, 2 year old cheddar and chorizo.


Pub Quartier Latin: POUTINE BOEUF PARMESAN TRUFFES!!!!! – Fries, pieces of AAA 1855 beef, red wine demi glace sauce with truffles and Parmegiano Reggiano.

Lola Rosa Park: POUTINE LOLA – Why aren’t all poutines vegetarian when you can make homemadegravy with fresh mushrooms and black beans? Why not eat healthy and scrumptious at the same time?

Au Cinquième Péché: POUTINE AU PHOQUE – Gnocchi, seal merguez, brussel sprouts, cheese and full-bodied juice

5e peche

Fabergé: LA FAMIGLIA – Italian poutine, sauce from Drogheria Fine at 68 Fairmount Ouest. Voted best sauce in town by the Journal de Montreal.

Chez Boris: POUTINE AUX BEIGNES ET SAUCE AU CANARD – Poutine made of sliced doughnut “fries”, duck fat gravy, and fresh cheese curds.


Yes, I will definitely be posting links to my blog so you can check out the meals I tried. Also, thankfully I subscribed to the gym this week so I won’t be gaining too many pounds!

When 2014 started, I had a feeling it was going to be a positive year and so far, it’s not letting me down!


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