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For our brunch date in February of last year, Em suggested Réservoir. I had been there previously for drinks and enjoyed the place. On a cold Sunday morning, we waited a couple of minutes inside as the place was packed. Luckily, we were seated fast as we were only two.


Em ordered a big latte to warm up. It literally did with the heart in the bowl!


We ordered a chocolate brioche served with some homemade chocolate on the side. It was divine! The homemade chocolate tasted like nutella, but less sweet. A nice start to our brunch.


Em had already been here for brunch but the menu was different. She ordered the salmon gravlax served with homemade ricotta and a salad of Brussel sprouts and salmon eggs. It came on a wooden board with the salmon and salad over the ricotta She loved the mix. It was one of the most delicious brunch meal she had (so far). She put some ricotta and salmon with salad on the pieces of baguette bread on her plate. I even had a bite and found it good, the ricotta was amazing.


I wasn’t sure what to order as I was craving something sweet, which the brioche filled. I got the scrambled eggs served with candied mushrooms and rocket salad. I ordered extra duck gizzards to add some meat in my plate. It all came in a large bowl with pieces of baguette bread. I am not a fan of rocket salad so I tossed it on the side a bit. After a few bites, I felt like the duck gizzards were missing. I had never seen some so I wasn’t sure how they looked. I asked our waitress who looked at my bowl and saw they were missing. She came back apologizing that the cook forgot to put them but she’d bring them when ready. The gizzards were brought by a guy I knew who worked there. He apologized for the cook’s mistake.

I was half done my brunch but gladly added the gizzards to my bowl that the waitress said wouldn’t be charged on my bill. They tasted very chewy and rich in iron. They were so hot and I had too many for what I had left. I had trouble finishing them, Em had two pieces to help me out.

IMG_4723 IMG_4724


Duck gizzards

Brunch at Réservoir is a bit more expensive but you should be fine with 25-30 dollars for a meal and a drink. My bill was just umder 25 dollars as I left a generous tip for the service.

Our waitress was cute and nice, she’s the one who suggested I add pieces of gizzards of duck instead of braised veal tongue.

My initial grade would have been an 8/10 but after being treated like a princess, I changed my mind. Good service changes everything, it made me smile and want to recommend this place even more. It get a 9/10 for a different kind of brunch. I can’t give 10 to every places now. I recommend it for both brunch and for a drink. They brew their own beer and have interesting flavours. Do keep in mind that the brunch menu changes often.


Le Réservoir

9 Duluth East, Montreal, QC

H2W 1G7 514-849-7779


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