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Quai Roulant

Jani and I went to First Fridays in September. There was so many people, it was insane. A lot of families were present up until 9 p.m. We decided to try Quai Roulant as the line seemed reasonable. The cool thing was that you could order your meal by itself of in a duo or trio. The duo included homemade chips seasoned with smoked paprika. The trio included the chips and an iced tea drink made with blood orange syrup and hibiscus flower iced tea.


Jani had the Fish and Chips by itself as it already included chips. She had two pieces of haddock that looked like they were sticks. I thought the fish was usually breaded but it didn’t look like it. It came with a small salad and a tartar sauce with herbs. It tasted good but nothing extraordinary according to Jani.


I had the crab cake in a duo, even though I should have get it by itself. I had a hard time finishing the chips that were very good. Though at the end, the paprika taste became overwhelming. I had one piece of crab cake served with a small salad and a sauce from Milles-Îles. The cake was good and the sauce complimented it perfectly. I was just disappointed at the size as it took three bites to finish the crab cake.


It gets a grade of 3.5/5. The prices were reasonable especially when you got a duo or trio. Jani is a pescetarian so vegetarians will find something to their liking with this food truck.


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