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During one of my food truck adventures in the summer, I tried 3 trucks with Ally and Gaufrabec was one of them. They make Belgian waffles that are the best kind of waffles. I can’t wait to visit Belgium for that reason.


Ally ordered a strawberry waffle. It smelled so good and was handed to her warm. It was delicious, soft and slightly crunchy at the same time. I really liked that it had pieces of strawberries. I have never tasted such a good waffle in my entire life.


I have tried Gaufrabec two other times and had the following flavours: strawberry with chocolate sauce and nature with chocolate sauce.

I’ve waited over 45 minutes at First Fridays in September when I went with Jani. I’ve waited 15 min at the Botanical Garden for the Chinese Lanterns with Ruth. I’ve not waited when at Bouffons Montréal with Ally.


Nature with chocolate sauce and icing sugar!

Obviously, it gets a perfect grade on 5! It makes sense that the lines are always long, definitely worth the wait.

p.s. An Italian man paid for Jani and mine’s waffles on First Fridays. His pregnant wife was craving waffles but couldn’t wait in line. Free waffles made the long wait totally worth it.


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