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So food adventures continue in winter! There will be First Saturdays near the Olympic Park every first Saturday of the month. The first edition was on December 7 from 12 to 6 p.m. Unfortunately, I didn’t go as I was working on my final paper. Next dates are: January 4, February 1 and March 1.

Today is a cold day in Montreal and winter is officially here. I hate the cold so much, I  wish it was summer and I was eating ice cream. Preferably Mr. Crémeux ice cream. 


Rox and I decided to try a couple of food trucks. We tried 4 trucks that day and would have tried more if we weren’t full. One of my motto in life is “There’s always space for desserts!” I just had to try the ice cream truck and I wasn’t sure what to order but was leaning towards the sundaes.

I asked the young man what a blondie was and he said it’s a brownie but with white chocolate. I ordered the Blondie and Maple sundae. It was a vanilla ice cream with maple sauce and pieces of blondie. It was sweet and heavenly. The ice cream was creamy, the sauce was amazing and the blondie were divine. This sundae is to die for!!! I have never tasted something this good! It was worth the 5 dollars I paid. I’d buy some again if I could and yes even today in the cold weather.


A zoom because you need to see how beautiful and delicious this is!


At first, I thought the cup was small but it was more than enough for Rox and me. No question asked, it gets a perfect grade on 5!


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