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Norman Luncheonette Urbaine

On the day of M.I.A.’s concert at metropolis, Krys, her sister with her boyfriend and I decided to eat something from the food trucks. Krys and I wandered around. I was drawn to Norman by the smell of beef (sorry veggie lovers!). I gazed at the menu while the guys in the truck suggested I try their sandwich. A certain blogger had mentioned how they had the best flank steak sandwich. I was intrigued and after another tour around, I decided to try the sandwich.

IMG_0525 IMG_0526

They offer a trio at 12 dollars where you get the sandwich with a choice of salad or potatoes and a dessert. I received my meal in a small box bursting with yummy goodness. I tried the potatoes with pieces of cheese and sauce over. Other than being extremely hot,  it was delicious. The mix is exquisite with the soft texture of the potatoes and the sourness of the aged cheese. I then tried the sandwich but realized it was difficult to eat while standing up with the small box. Once I sat down, I devoured it. I don’t recall tasting such a wonderful sandwich in my life. Krys ordered hot dogs, which I’ll discuss in another post. The couple ordered the same thing as me and enjoyed it. The dessert, caramel and coconut, was not so good. I did not enjoy it at all. My own sister tried the trio another day and she liked the dessert. She thought it was light and not too sweet.

IMG_0527 IMG_0529IMG_0528

It gets a grade of 4.5/5 because I didn’t like the dessert and I am extremely picky when it comes to sweets. Definitely one of my top 3 food trucks with Super Truck and Gaufrabec (I love belgium waffles!). Also there was a vegetarian option with a vegetable salad as main meal.

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