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School life

Hey everyone,

I am still alive, just incredibly busy with school. The classes I am taking this semester have a lot of readings, at least 200 pages per week. Then I have many assignments and had a midterm paper due last week. I should have more time to update my blog from now on, hopefully. I have a couple of food truck adventures to post. The city has extended their stay until November 3rd, check out StreetFood Mtl to see where they are until then. Of course, I have some restaurant reviews, from February until today. In a way, it works out well as I had not been to many restaurants since school started. But I will be for the beginning of November. Taste Mtl, which is Montreal’s restaurant week is in its second edition. I will be writing a review for The Concordian and share it here.  From November 1 to 11, you can have a three-service-meal for the fixed price of 19, 29 or 39 dollars. Over 100 restaurants are participating this year and I will definitely be going to at least one of them.

Thank you everyone and stay tumed!


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