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Taverne Gaspar

In January, I had written about the Happening Gourmand where selected restaurants of the Old Port offered a table d’hôte for a fraction of the regular price. I only had the opportunity to try one of the restaurants as I was low on money and getting sick. After looking at all the menus, Sam and I chose the Taverne Gaspar.

The menu was pre-fixed. Different options are available for appetizers, main dishes and desserts.  Some options had an extra cost but we obviously didn’t choose those ones. As the list is small, I will list them all below.

Appetizers: Beet carpaccio, arugula, parmesan shavings – Warm tomato tart, goat cheese – Onion soup with bone marrow – 2 lobsters sliders (+6$) – 6 raw oysters (+6$)

Main dishes: BBQ bourbon burger, bacon, French fries, coleslaw – Roasted salmon, lentils from le Puy, virgin sauce – Baby back ribs, Jim Beam BBQ sauce, French fries, coleslaw – Rosemary braised lamb shank, potato fondant, braising juice – Stripped bass, ratatouille, pesto (+4$) – NY cut sirloin steak, maître d’hotel butter, French fries (+6$)

Desserts: Pudding chomeur, caramel ice cream – Molten dark chocolate cake, pistachio crème Anglaise – Fine quebec cheese platter (+4$)

Sam took the onion soup with bone marrow as an appetizer. I had never tasted an onion soup and I chose it as well, hoping it might calm my sore throat. Even if I am not a fan of raw onions. I did not like it at all, the texture and taste were bizarre. The soup was grated with some cheese and it didn’t really feel like one. The bone marrow tasted even weirder, I only had a few bites. I did not like the aftertaste the soup left in my tongue afterwards. Sam said it wasn’t the best onion soup she had. Even so, I’m not sure I would fully enjoy one.


For her main meal, Sam chose the roasted salmon with lentils and cherry tomatoes. There was nothing accompanying her dish, neither rice nor potatoes. She still enjoyed her meal. She made me take a bite despite my dislike for fish, especially salmon. It actually tasted good but I would still never have ordered that plate.


I, on the other hand, ordered the BBQ bourbon burger after hesitating with that and the baby back ribs. It came with a side of french fries and coleslaw salad, which I shared with Sam. Also had a sauce for my fries, which was similar to mayonaise. The burger was incredibly good, I did not regret my choice. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to finish my burger as my appetite diminishes by half when I’m sick.


Of course, we had desserts because as we all know, there’s always space for desserts! We both had the pudding chomeur with caramel ice cream. Not smart for my throat, but I’m not a fan of chocolate cakes and that was the other choice that didn’t require an extra cost. It was really good and again I had trouble finishing it.


A grade of 7/10 and it’s not only about the soup. It’s the fact that for reservations, it was full for a week. We were told that we could eat at the bar if we got there early, which we did. We ate at the bar and we didn’t understand why we couldn’t be seated at a table when some were empty for over an hour. We would have had time to eat at some of the tables before the reservations arrived. I would have been more comfortable seating at a table. This is the first and last time that I’m going to a restaurant when I’m sick.

The restaurant is located inside a hotel and you pass through the lobby to get in, a bit confusing.

Taverne Gaspar

89 de la Commune East

Montreal, QC

H2Y 1J1 514-392-1649


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