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M:brgr – Burger Week

Krys, Jess and I decided the night before to try a restaurant for Burger week. We met for lunch Friday at m:brgr and sat on the terrace. It was colder inside with the A/C on. Our waiter described the Zak Attaque, the special of Burger week. It’s a beef burger with pulled pork, hash brown, poutine cheese, Zak sauce and fresh tomato. Without any hesitation, we all ordered the Zak. We shared a portion of cajun and sweet potato fries.

I was eager to try this burger as I had not eaten anything in the day. When it arrived, I wondered if it was possible to eat it all in one shot. It is not, except if you cut it in half or in pieces. The Zak was an excellent choice, I choose the restaurant two hours before meeting. The mix of pulled pork and beef is scrumptious. The hash brown was good but too heavy. In the end, I removed it from my burger and only ate the rest. Cheese is always good, especially poutine cheese. The tomoto was the only vegetable in my burger. I wish I had something else, maybe a pickle. The Zak sauce was really good, I didn’t know what it was made of but was similar to bbq sauce. You cannot eat this burger without making a mess, especially with the sauce dripping. The cajun fries were spicy but just perfectly and not overwhelming. The sweet potato ones were crunchy and sweet. I loved them both equally!


There is ALWAYS space for dessert. We shared the deep dish chocolate cookie with vanilla ice cream. I remember that Dee and Nico said it was the one thing I should try. I understand why now… I thought I was in 7th heaven after just one bite! The cookie is soft and chocolatey while the ice cream is cold and light. Also one person cannot finish this cookie, it would be suicide. I loved the presentation in a small pan.


Krys ordered a  cotton candy flavoured milkshake. I don’t know what she was thinking but she absolutely wanted to taste it. Obviously, I tasted it and it was super sweet. I was disappointed that it was not pink but a light green colour. Maybe they mixed pink and blue cotton candy. You can also had some expresso or some alcohol in the milkshake for an extra charge.


The burger was 10 dollars, not including fries. We separated the fries and cookies between the three of us. It cost 25 dollars with taxes included. Krys’s bill was more expensive as she had the milkshake, 5 or 10 dollars more. We had good service and the food was delicious. Grade for the burger is 4/5 and for the restaurant, I’d say 8.5/10.


M: brgr

2025 Drummond, Montreal, QC

H3G 1W6 514-906-0408


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