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On July 13th, Just For Laughs had an area filled with food trucks called “Bouffons Montréal” for two weeks. Exactly like last year, except there were two if not three times the quantity of food trucks this time. It was so hard to choose what to eat with so much diversity.
After a day at La Ronde with the family, my mother and I were walking by La Place Des Arts when I suggested stopping for a quick bite. I laid eyes on Super Truck after making a quick tour.
I ordered the Crisp Pork Belly with lime soya caramel glaze, salad of grean papaya, long beans, toasted nuts with an Asian vinaigrette. How can I describe the first bite? Sweet, cold, sour and nutty. It was incredibly refreshing and light. My mother had a bite and she loved it. I asked if she wanted one as she was “devouring” my plate. She declined the offer, claiming it would be extra calories. Instead she sipped on her verbena iced tea with lemon, ginger and honey. I didn’t even get to taste it because she drank it all, claiming it was delicious and I had said no when she asked. Pure lies!
The pork salad was 7 dollars and the iced tea 2 dollars.
I had the chance of tasting the menu of Super Truck again with Ally. I suggested trying out food trucks instead of going to the restaurant, it’s way cheaper.
Ally ordered the Super Sandwich with grain fed chicken, house smoked bacon and spicy mayonnaise. She opted for the trio version, which included fried mac and cheese sticks (Gruyère and Montérégie cheese with fresh herbs) and a drink of her choice. She took the verbena iced tea. Yes I was able to taste it and finally, I wasn’t a fan of the verbena.
The sticks were hot, let it cool down for a couple of minutes or you might burn your tongue. They are crunchy on the outside and soft in the inside. I have never tasted something this heavenly, melting upon my taste buds. They came with a sauce that looked like a mayonnaise mix. It was cold so it cooled down the sticks a bit. The sandwich was delicious, the bacon and mayonnaise complimented the chicken well.
Cheese goodness

Cheese goodness

The sandwich alone is 9 dollars, the sticks 5 dollars and the drink 2 dollars, which is a total of 16 dollars and it only cost 12 dollars for the trio. An amazing deal!
This is definitely one of my favourite trucks and I recommend it to everyone. It’s true that there’s not many options for vegetarians, but those mac and cheese sticks will satisfy your hunger.
No surprise that it gets a 5/5!
p.s. Also I was told that if you took a picture of yourself in front of the Super Truck and that you put it on Facebook or Twitter with hashtags, you’d have free mac and cheese sticks. Need I say more?

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