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Nomade SO6

After too many years of not seeing one another, Marion and I met at Mount Royal park. We were eager to try a new food truck despite the risk of a thunderstorm. Nomade SO6 only has sausages in the menu, which are homemade.

The picture was taken at night, a few minutes after their power shortage.


Marion tried the Peanut and coriander sausage, served with a salad of green beans and covered in a spicy peanut sauce with pieces of peanuts. It tasted good, but somewhat lacking in peanut flavour. The sauce was not spicy at all. She really enjoyed the salad.


I had the Ribs sausage served with polenta (cornmeal boiled into a porridge) fries, candied tomatoes and covered in bbq sauce. It tasted okay, I preferred Marion’s more. The fries were so good but incredibly heavy. They were difficult to cut in pieces and didn’t break easily. I didn’t think of getting a knife, which I should have. Marion thought my sausages weren’t well cooked since they were pretty pinkish. I wasn’t sick the next day so I guess they were fine.


I had trouble finishing my meal, mostly the polenta fries. I would suggest less pieces of fries or add an extra sausage so the balance is perfect. Prices are pretty decent, the Peanut and coriander sausage was 8 dollars while the Ribs one was 9 dollars. They were definitely worth their price.

Also this truck is not recommended for vegetarians and definitely not for anyone who has peanut allergies.

It gets a grade of 4/5.


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