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Alexis le Gourmand

Zoya offered to buy lunch for missing  my birthday party. I spontaneously suggested checking the food trucks out. I verified Streetfoodmtl to see where the food trucks where.  I compared the menus of the few trucks available and Alexis le Gourmand caught my eye with the pulled turkey sandwich. It was parked at Place Canada, near Réné-Lévesque and Peel.


Their specialities were turkey, including the sandwich, a burger or some empanadas. I am not a big fan of turkey but I was curious to try their pulled sandwich with hickory bbq sauce, colesaw salad and pickles in a small bun. The only problem is that it cost 9 dollars for just the sandwich.


This sandwich was very savoury. The taste of turkey was overpowered by the hickory bbq sauce, which was delectable. I love pickles and the salad was pretty good. My only complaint is the sandwich was too small and I had to take tiny bites to enjoy it at a slow pace.



Zoya was extremely disappointed, she at least expected fries or chips at that price. I agree that they should either lower the price or include something with it. My suggestions: homemade fries or chips, homemade drink or homemade dessert.

I’m grading food trucks on 5 and this one gets only a 3. If it had fries or chips to accompany it, it would have gotten a higher grade because the sandwich was amazing.


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