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In the cold winter of January, I suggested one last dinner before Ally left the country for an exchange program and we were joined by Bills. I remembered passing by a cute restaurant near McGill in October but I couldn’t remember the name but knew it was on University Street. So we met on University and saw Atti, a Korean restaurant. It didn’t look at all like the one I remembered seeing. The meals were a bit pricey for our poor student budgets, especially after the holidays. We then ventured on Union and there we found it: Thaïphon! Not only did the menu have more options but the meals were cheaper.

Ally opted for the Won Ton Noodle soup, perfect for a cold night. Usually, won ton soup is served as an appetizer in a tiny bowl. Hers was in a huge bowl, those used for pho. It was good and warm but extremely filling, Ally couldn’t finish. Won ton are pretty heavy and with noodles, it’s even heavier.


Bills had a rice platter, she chose the Cashew Chicken. How can I describe the wonderful taste? The chicken was sweet and nutty. I love cashews but I was skeptic that a meal with them would be good. I was loyal to peanut sauce until that day. There are pieces of cashews in the chicken mix so some spoonfuls are crunchy. Definitely an interesting meal that I will order next time I’m at a thai place.


Like always, I hesitated between getting noodles or a rice platter. I finally chose the Thai Red curry, made with cocount milk. The waiter warned me it was spicy and it was pretty spicy. Though it was very good, I couldn’t help but envy Bills’ plate that she finished. I had trouble finishing my plate, even if I entered the place starving.


I love that everything is green, the walls, the glasses, the chopsticks and the plates. The staff is super friendly. We entered the place and even if they were closing in less than an hour, they gladly served us with a smile. A couple came in shortly after us and someone even ordered something to go. Yes, they offer take-out!

The presentations of plates need a bit of work. Mine was nicely done, leaving a minimum of space in the plate. Bills’s plate was questionable. Why would you leave so much space between the rice and salad? Nothing was added and it looked as if she had less food than me. Even though we had the same quantity.

It gets a 8.5/10. The food is delicious and prices are cheap. With just 15 dollars taxes included, you have a filling main meal.We all left the restaurant stuffed.  When you order a rice platter, you can add a spring roll and won ton soup for 2.50 dollars. Thus you can have a three-course-meal for 25 dollars or less. For those reasons, I recommend this place especially to students on a low budget but who want to eat nice thai food.

IMG_4646 IMG_4652

Restaurant Thaïphon

 2025 Union, Montreal, QC

H3A 2C1 514-658-2181


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