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Burger Bar Crescent

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Nico, Dee and I had our once-a-year date in end of December. I suggested a burger place as I had never tried one downtown and proposed Burger bar.

For once, I was the EARLIEST!!!!!! Something that is extremely rare but it was because I had taken public transport. The others had taken their car even if a snowstorm had fallen on Montreal two days ago.  I entered the restaurant located on Crescent Street, which was pretty calm for a Saturday night. It took at least 2 minutes before a staff noticed me, they were too “busy” chatting at the bar. Great first impression. Normally I would have waited outside but in winter, I prefer not to. I was seated on the main floor at the back with the view on the kitchen counter. I couldn’t see the preparation of meals but I could see the final result. It was a wonderful sight.


A side dish is included with your burger. You have the choice between french fries, colesaw salad or a green salad . For an extra of 3.95 dollars, you can change your side to sweet potato fries, onion rings, classic poutine or ceasear salad. All meats are made of AAA beef patty. I loved that there was a hundred dollar burger with pan seared foie gras and it was a deal at 24.95.

Dee had the Bacon Royale with cheese and a side of onion rings. The burger had swiss and Quebec cheddar cheese, smokey bacon, lettuce, tomato, red onion and dijon mayonnaise.


Nico had the Wild Shroom with a side of sweet potato fries. The burger had sauteed wild mushrooms, caramelized onions, arugula and roasted garlic mayonnaise on the side.


As always, it took me a while to pick a burger as I was hesitation between the Jack Daniel’s BBQ burger and the Supersonic one. After much reflexion, I opted for the latter with a side of french fries. The burger had Jarlsberg cheese, smokey bacon, Kosher dill pickle, tomato, banana peppers and spicy mayonnaise. It was topped with three onion rings. Yes I chose the burger for that reason. I ended up putting the rings inside my burger but it wasn’t easy so I just ate them separately. My burger was delicious and spicy, I didn’t regret my choice. It was so greasy though and the buns are too small for the amount of ingredients in between.


Despite eating heavy burgers with a drink, we ordered desserts. Dee had a french toast topped with vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce poured over and a cherry on top. It smelled so good and tasted heavenly. She finished her entire dessert but did not eat the bread crusts.

IMG_4425 IMG_4426

I wanted a milkshake made with Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Unfortunately they did not have the flavours I wanted: oreo cookie. Then I asked if I could mix 2-3 flavours and the waitress asked and it would have been possible but they only had 2 flavours left: strawberry and chocolate. I hesitated ordering another dessert, which I think I should have. I finally got a strawberry milshhake and Nico got a chocolate one. We were both disappointed with our milshakes, especially at the price it cost, 7 dollars!!! They were heavy and no, not all milshakes are heavy! Also Nico couldn’t even taste the chocolate flavour. I tasted a bit of strawberry in mine but not the best milkshake I’ve tried.






The music isn’t too loud so you can have a conversation without yelling at another. The atmosphere is young and hip. Except for a couple in their 40s, everyone looked like they were under 30 that night. They are on two floors and the upstairs area was noisier. Our waitress, Karra, was nice and chill. She asked us things were good when we had our burgers and again at 10 p.m. We stayed over 3 hours, which is usually rare in restaurants as they tend to kick you out. The fact that there was few people on Crescent and a snowstorm probably helped.

It gets a 7/10, they lose points for not having all the flavours for milkshakes. A meal, drink and dessert cost 45 dollars including taxes and tips. I wouldn’t recommend going there for first dates because you have no choice but to eat a burger. Yes they have other options but why order anything else but a burger? It’s a nice place if you’re among a group of friends and want to have a drink with your burgers, while remaining classy.

Yet again, Dee is satisfied with her meal and dessert! At least, she didn’t enjoy her mojito and said the one at M:Brgr is better. Personally I don’t understand why she or Nico didn’t suggest going to M:Brgr as they were comparing everything here to it. I should try the giant cookie there, well I wish I had tried it instead of that milkshake. It’s not cause I’m a foodie that I always have to choose the place!

They say they have the best burgers in Montreal. Not sure I can agree with that, I’ll have to try all the burger places to confirm that fact.


Our corner

Burger Bar Crescent

1465 Crescent, Montreal, QC

H3G 2B2 514-903-557


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  1. I’m so jealous how you can eat all those things and still have a banging body!


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