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Shrimp asian rice

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Yesterday after coming home from work, I found a cooking book on the kitchen table. Surprised, I asked my mother why she had bought one. She is an ace in cooking and I have only seen her follow recipes my sister-in-law gave her. She blatantly said she ordered the book for me, adding that I should learn to cook. I told her that I already had a cooking book with recipes specialized in rice and risotto. I understood her skeptic look as I only leave my baking books on the kitchen table after baking some goods.

So to prove myself worthy of her and also to prepare myself of cooking for the project I mentionned earlier, I decided to make a recipe from my rice/risotto book today. We went to Jean-Talon Market earlier and I bought the necessary ingredients. I will write a post of the market in the summer because it is a magical land for foodies who want ingredients from the province of Quebec at fairly good prices.

I made a shrimp asian rice, a recipe I’ve longed to try. The result is satisfying with my mother saying it’s delicious.

The recipe book is in French and I don’t feel like translating it, sorry!


I didn’t put garlic as we had no more and there weren’t any in the market. I didn’t want to put any water chestnuts and didn’t purchase any. I substituted they oyster sauce for soya sauce.




Paris mushrooms


Fried egg



Fresh shelled shrimps are really expensive! Two handfuls are 20 dollars but my sister paid so it’s all good.



Adding shrimps to the wok.


My sister and mother didn’t want eggs in their plate so I only added eggs in a smaller portion for myself. I filled up two ziplocs for my lunch during the week. I should definitely cook more and I will!



A team has been formed for the cooking project. We will be filming in the fall and uploading the videos by the winter holidays. We are all future journalists so we will film, edit and research on our own. I have never been more excited about a project than this one so I’m really looking forward to that!!! : D


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