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A couple of sundays ago in December, I had a brunch with my wonderful classmates. I was extremely excited for two reasons:

1. I love brunch

2. I love baking

My only questions was what could I possibly bake that’s healthy? I’m used to baking cupcakes, cookies and cakes. I thus thought of muffins, they are healthy and perfect for a brunch. The other question was what flavour should I make? Chocolate chip would be too sweet and not as healthy. But bananas would be perfect. Last year, I tried making banana bread but my uncle had eaten all the eggs and the stores were closed due to the holidays. I tried a recipe in one of my baked goods cookbook, it was a banana and chocolate cake with chocolote chips. Unfortunately it’s in french from France so the measuring units are different, it would be long and complicated to translate. The book is called “Envie de Gourmandises sucrées et salées” from Parragon Books.



I also made banana crumb muffins, they were amazing. The crumbs are made with a mix of  brown sugar, flour and cinnamon. You can find the recipe in on here. I really enjoy this simple recipe and these muffins are a perfect healthy snack. It is also one of the rare baking goods that my mother appreciates.



Measuring cups in shape of a robot bought at Urban Outfitters


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