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Le Fumoir Rubs Smokehouse

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Sam’s “surprise” birthday party was at Le Fumoir Rubs Smokehouse. Just two minutes from her workplace, she kept telling everyone how it smelled so good when she passed near it and couldn’t wait to try it. We were a good bunch, about 16 to 18 people. We had a private area, very appreciated in the busy and loud BBQ smokehouse that opened last July. We had to be separted in two tables though. I didn’t take pictures of everyone’s meals though. I simply focused on Sam’s plates and mine. Almost everyone had beer, there was a special on the pints. I ordered an amaretto sour, which had the right amount of alcohol and sweetness.

Our waitress, a bit of a klutz, was nice but not the wisest. She brought us fat wrapped in bacon as free appetizers. God knows how many calories that little thing had, all I know is that it’s not good for my arteries and heart.  but I’m sure that it’s not good for my heart.


I hesitated before ordering an entrée. I got jalapeno cheese peppers after asking the waitress how many they were and their size, I wanted it to be worth the prize I was paying. I wish she would have warned me that they were EXTREMELY SPICY so I would have known what to expect…


It was creamy cheese stuffed in big jalapeno peppers themselves wrapped in dry-rubbed bacon, which was smoked. I had a first bite and I thought my mouth was burning. After a couple more bites, my insides were on fire. I almost choked and drinking water was not helpful. I wish there were pieces of bread that I would have gladly stuffed in my mouth to soothe the pain. If I was a cartoon character, I would have spat fire back. Jerry who was seating next to me didn’t believe me when I said it was extremely spicy so he had a piece. He was fine until he took another piece. Another guy who didn’t believe us had a bite and his face literally changed from white to red. Sam had a piece and cursed. Jerry offered some to the table behind us who didn’t hear us talking about it. Two guys shared one but even they thought it was too spicy and wondered what crazy person ordered this. There were 5 peppers and I ate 2 because I couldn’t bare the thought of wasting money. They cost 8 dollars. I would love to see someone order a plate and eat all of them. I guarantee that you will not be able to. And if you do go through, don’t blame me if you burn your vital organs. You’ve been WARNED!!!

Main course meals are served with the choice of 2 sides from the following: french or sweet potatoes fries, smoked or fried mac n’ cheese, smoked vegetables, coleslaw, appleslaw and smoked beans.

Sam ordered a smoked pulled pork sandwich with a side of french fries and smoked mac’n’cheese. We didn’t receive our meals at the same time . She tried the mac’n’cheese, which tasted like it was burnt. I agreed when I got mine and was as disappointed. She loved her sandwich smoked with maple wood and pulled to perfection.


I was so disappointed that they did not have waht I wanted to order!!!! I wanted the St-Louis ribs but they weren’t any more. I mean how the hell do you run out of ribs at a smokehouse?!?!!?  Instead, I ordered the brisket not too far from the ribs except the meat is in the lower chest. My sides were the sweet potato fries and the smoked mac’n’cheese. The fries were crunchy, sweet and delicious. The brisket was nicely marinated and smoked. It was tasteful but very filling. I regretted ordering an entrée and wasn’t able to finsih my entire meal. I also had trouble getting all the meat from the brisket.


Sam’s birthday cake, a delicious cheesecake. I would have taken more than a bite if my stomach wasn’t ready to explode.


I loved how the menu showed the states where the entrées or meals originated from. The crazy peppers were from New Mexico, the pulled pork from Carolina and the brisket from Texas. It gets a 7/10 for the not so amazing service and ruining out of ribs. Unacceptable!

If you are a poor person, I do not recommend going to Rubs often. An entrée, main meal and a drink are roughly 40 dollars without taxes. A sandwich is close to 10 while ribs are closer to 20 dollars.

Rubs is the only smokehouse I’ve reviewed so far so it is the only I can recommend for the moment. I suggest going there in a big group, it’s more fun. You can also order a Bigger than Big – Texan platter where you get a rack of ribs, chicken, pulled pork, brisket and 4 sides. Two guys on the other table ordered it, it was humongous and crazy. Some friends helped them finish the platter.


Le Fumoir Rubs Smokehouse

117 Prince-Arthur, Montreal, QC

H2X 1B2 514-900-2039

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