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Hi everyone!

I’m sorry for the long silence in the last 3 weeks. I had so much on my mind and hands in the last weeks, I neglected my blog even if I had many things to say. Last week, I caught the flu and I’m recovering from it but with school and work, I’m just overwhelmed. February is starting out as a bad month for me even if it has amazing food happenings.

The first edtion of the Montreal Poutine Week started on the 1st and is ending on the 7th. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the occassion to try one of these special poutines but I still have one day even if I have many assignments to work on. Here is a link for those who aren’t aware, check it out. I love poutine! 

There is also Le Chop Montreal, a similar concept to Happening Gourmand where restaurants in the downtown area offer a cheaper table d’hôte. This event is more than a month long until February 20th. Check out their site for more info. Chop MTL.

I cannot promise you when I will be posting new reviews again. I have more than 4 reviews, all different from one another. Reading week at Concordia starts the 18th so I will have more time to dedicate here. Thank you for still following me despite all!!!



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  1. We forgive you and we still love you! xx


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