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Day 2 of vegetarian life.

Two friends accompanied me on my vegetarian journey.

Thanks to Facebook, I was able to ask who was interested in trying vegetarian food. Many replied but only two were available the chosen date, Rox and Mel. I sound like a TV producer selecting actors for a role!!!

I arrived late as usual (bad habit that’s improved lately) and as I stepped inside Bonnys, I first noticed a wall that consisted of long branches of woods that created a corridor. At the end of it, I entered in the restaurant. The counter and the open kitchen were on the left side. My friends, whom I caught a glimpse through the branches, were on the right side sitting on a bench.


Rox ordered a ginger kombucha drink. I don’t like the taste of kombucha but I was asked if not forced to have a sip. I didn’t like it at all, but Rox and Mel enjoyed it.

Everything on the menu looked delicious. It was extremely hard to make a choice but I made a choice by trying something new. A vegan option is available for most of the meals. When you order a burger, you have the choice of ordering it by itself or with a platter. The former comes with nachos while the latter comes with a large chef’s salad, nachos and salsa.

Mel ordered the Portobello burger, served with colorful nachos (pink, yellow and purple). It’s made with homemade chickpea flour and portobello mushrooms. She enjoyed her burger, even if she had trouble finishing it.


Rox ordered chilli, made with black bean,  quinoa (a good substitute for rice) and chipotle. It’s served with organic sour cream, avocados and nachos. The chilli was delicious, probably one of the best I’ve ever tasted. It was warm, spicy and filling even if it had no meat. Unfortunately Rox doesn’t have a little appetite so she finished her plate to my utter disappointment.


I ordered a platter of the Boca burger; it’s made with homemade chickpea flour and black bean burger. It’s served with an avalanche of fresh salsa, cheddar cheese, organic sour cream and sliced avocado. The platter comes with a large chef’s salad and nachos. The burger is impossible to eat without utensils as the salsa covers it. I have never had a vegetarian burger and wasn’t sure what to expect. It was very good and fillin. I have never seen half a plate filled with salad in a restaurant, EVER! I didn’t finish my salad because it had aragula also known as rocket salad. I don’t like its particular taste and there wasn’t any dressing on the salad. It was too bland for my taste.


Rox ordered a carrot cake. It was frosted with cashew and maple icing and had a dollop of tofu cream on top. The cake tasted good though the cream had a weird aftertaste. Personally, tofu should never be used as an option in dessert. Rox liked it, but it’s not in my top 10 of favourite cakes.


The wall is made of bricks with big and bright paintings. The speakers are inside a small log near the ceiling. I thought it was adorable and original. There are only 12 tables, which creates an intimate atmosphere. There is an earthy feel with the wood, the plants and the colors (green and yellow). They have reusable green table cloths instead of the napkins only used once. It gets a grade of 8.5/10. The food is tasteful, extremely filling and worth every cent you pay. I love that you can see a part of the kitchen. When I peeked in, they were preparing the burgers in large batches. After they freeze them and they cook it in the oven before serving. My platter was roughly 16 dollars with taxes. If you want to add a drink and/or dessert, you should be safe with 25 dollars.

They offer take-out if you don’t have time to eat at the restaurant. They also sell a few stuffs including the nachos served in our plates and some tea.


Glass bottle of water with a slice of lemon


Owner Bonnie Tees wasn’t at the restaurant so I chatted with one of her employees. Jazmine Johansson has been working at Bonnys for three years now. She is also a Concordia student. When I asked about the clientele, she said that they are mostly regulars. Some customers even come every day to buy their lunch. Not something that her or I could do with her student budget. She mentions the crowd is older, with few students and she doesn’t understand why. My personal response is that Bonnys is located in an uncommon area for a student. She agreed and said the restaurant is a “hidden treasure”. (This was the first time that I got off Georges Vanier metro!) Jazmine told me that Bonnie considered opening earlier in the week for people who want to grab some coffee. She would also like to open on Sundays for brunch. I think both ideas are good and will only attract more people. Their meals are delicious and healthy, their brunch can be nothing but amazing.



1748 Notre-Dame West, Montreal, QC

H3J 1N6 514-931-4136

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