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Ru and I still had our coupons from Euro Polonia. I first went by myself as I had to do a review for The Concordian. They pushed back the date of publication and I had the chance to go again with Ru to get a second opinion. My first one was already positive but I’m writing the review as one visit to not confuse anyone.

It’s a cute and tiny place that could fit a maximum of 16 people. We sat near a window in the only corner that had 2 chairs and a little table, which miraculously held our plates and glasses.

I decided to have an appetizer and try the pickle soup. I was sceptic about the soup because in North American society, pickles are eaten as a condiment or a snack. The server, whom I suspect is the owner, brought me the soup and mentioned that they make their own pickles. He suggested watching the video on their website on how they are made. I tried watching it but it doesn’t work due to a missing plug-in with flash player. The soup tasted good, a bit vinegary though but in a good way. It was heavy with pieces of potatoes inside. At the end of it, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to finish all my perogies.


Ruth had cheese and potato perogies with a sausage sandwich. I had meat perogies and a sausage sandwich too. Our main plates came with six perogies. They were served with marinated cabbage and sour cream. They were hot, soft and tasted incredibly good. It felt like we were eating a piece of heaven at every bite. We liked both flavours but we had a preference for the cheese and potato one. I mean who doesn’t love cheese?


We were warned that we might not be able to eat our sandwiches. They were prepared after we were served our perogies, warm and fresh. We ate them later in the day. They were delicious but quite heavy. They had cabbage salad, sour cream and a bit of Dijon mustard. The mustard was hot and spicy; I felt it up through the nose.


It has a rustic atmosphere that makes you feel at ease. I loved the decorations on the wall, which I’d expect to see in a Polish household, without forgetting the wooden tables and chairs.


It feels more like a café than a restaurant. They have homemade soups with some deli meats available for takeout. They offer a catering service as well. It gets a grade of 8.5/10. We thought the presentation of the food was adorable. We’ve been to Mazurka and without a doubt, we can say we had better food and a friendlier service at Euro Polonia. A trio comes with either a sandwich or perogies with a soup and a drink, ranging from 7.95 to 12.95 dollars. Sadly, we weren’t allowed to order trios with our coupons. You can easily eat a nice meal for under 10-15 dollars with taxes. It is also vegetarian friendly; they offer a cheese sandwich.

Mrs. Yagoda who cooks all the meals is the mother of owner Suavek Krupop. She is one of the friendliest and nicest women I met. Her recipes have been passed down through many generations to the women in her family. She assured us that her soups are her own recipes. Ru and I were shocked when she told us some people suggested she return to her home country since she couldn’t speak French well. This poor woman in her sixties is taking classes but it’s not easy to learn a language when you’re older. She was proud that her son spoke 4 languages.

Ru said she felt like her sweetheart grandmother served her. I couldn’t help but agree thanks to the atmosphere. We were ready to be adopted when Mrs. Yagoda thanked us for helping her remove the table with her cute Polish accent: “You girls are like my daughters, very sweet!”


Mrs. Yagoda cooking

We already tasted fried perogies at Mazurka, which closed down recently. I don’t know why unfortunately as it’s been in business for over 10 years. If ever you feel like Polish during lunch time, I recommend heading over to Euro Polonia. It’s not open on weekends unfortunately. Am told me about another Polish restaurant café but I don’t remember the name. She said it was amazing and I should try it when I get the occasion.


Euro Polonia

1565 Amherst Street, Montreal, QC

H2L 3L4 514-223-4240

Euro Polonia on Urbanspoon


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