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Cake Show & Design Competion

The Cake Show was an amazing event that I enjoyed to its fullest. I only went on the Saturday and I was overwhelmed by the vendors and expositions in the main room, as well as by the adorable cupcakes in the challenge in another room. For more details, please read my article in The Concordian here.

Here are some pictures I took at the Cupcake Challenge. The theme was the city of Montreal, hence the flavours and the decorations that best represent our wonderful city.

Whisky maple cupcake with apple compote. Brown sugar italian meringue & white chocolate ganache.

Vanilla caramel cupcake with chocolate ganache

Red velvet cupcake with creamcheese frosting.

Red velvet cupcake with creamcheese frosting.

Coconut cupcakes with lime frosting

Apple crumb cupcake with vanilla frosting

Orange cake cupcake


Teresa Abdelhay from Terri’s Dee-Lites with the STM metro map cupcakes

The Irishman: chocolate & Guiness cupcake with a whiskey infused buttercream

The Smoked Montreal: a chocolate and smoked meat cupcake with a cream cheese icing and salted caramel.

Orange gibeau julep cupcake

Triple chocolate cupcake

These are the adorable cupcakes I got for myself, but ended up sharing with friends and family.

Little box of treats

Alicia Barrett, known as Leece from Leece Designs, is a Concordia alumni and I  got the chance to interview her. I’m adding a few things that weren’t mentioned in my article sadly. She has a creative expression, working in graphic design, and bakes in her free time. She loves anything that is visually appealing, which shows in her sparkly silver dress with her pink accessories. Her cupcakes are cute on the sparkly plates with different frosting colours but the same flavour, orange julep. It was voted Montreal’s Best Cupcake. When asked if she dreamt of having a store, she said it’s the ultimate goal of any baker. If she had the backing, she’d do it but now she’s simply building her clientele. She takes custom order and tries to make it as personalized as possible. She will never make the same cake twice. She can be contacted through facebook. “I would rather do something well than not do it,” said Barrett. “I believe that you have to be passionate and devote your time.”

Leece and her mother


Leece and myself

I also talked to Rita Djeharrian, owner of La Gâterie, as I was asked to get the point of view of the cake scene in Montreal even if it wasn’t included in the article. Don’t we all love working our ass off and not be thanked for our efforts. Especially when you’re asked to write around 550 words and they only put half of your words in the article, exactly 235. She said that many people are now interested in cakes. The cake show, which she attended, helps people in the cake industry know one another and it’s always a good think to be exposed. Thanks to TV shows, the popularity of cake has risen in the last years. People want more and their expectations are higher today. It is now easier to get your hands on ingredients or materials, allowing you to experiment. When Rita started 17 years ago, it was hard to get supplies. She’s been teaching classes for 18 years now and most of her students are now in the industry as well. She is comfortable sharing her knowledge.

Below are the cupcakes demos for the judges. They are creative and cute, my favourite ones are the nutcracker from Fairycake Café and the streets of Montreal from Les Glaceurs.

Paige McEachren, the event’s executive director, told me that the event was a total success and that next year, they might have to move another location. I hope they move closer to downtown so they can attract more people. Also this time, I’m going to be a volunteer and register for classes as soon as they’re available.

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