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Les Givrés

Ru and I were heading to Square Louis after eating our poutine. We walked on Saint-Denis street when we passed in front of Les Givrés, an ice cream place that I’ve heard a lot about but never tried. Our curiosity led us in and we were in awe when we went down the stairs. The first thing we noticed is the counter full of pastries and muffins.

There were some seats and lots of space inside where you could actually enjoy your treats. Definitely a plus factor as Ripples was extremely narrow. They had so many flavours with ingredients from the province of Quebec. Everything is handmade in Les Givrés, even the cones.

I chose two light flavours, strawberry-rhubarb from Quebec’s grounds and the big melon from St-Eustache. The cashier was really cute. When I hesitated to take a cup as I was still full from the poutine, she told me that I had to try the cone! It’s homemade and it tastes good, she reassured me. They also have chocolate flavored cones but I picked the regular. She put so many scoops; I was wondering why she was taking so long to hand it to me. It was about 5 dollars with taxes for 2 humongous scoops.

You can also make a crazy sundae with 2 flavours, whipped cream and 3 toppings of your sauce. They are open year long, so I might try it soon or next summer. They had lots of different sauces and even an ice cream that was called “the camper” which contained marshmallows, brownies, whipped cream, caramel, crumble and choux pastry. Just thinking about it, makes me drool.

For students, they offer a special every day of the week. Between 11am to 6pm, you get 10% off any product consumed in store. They also have wi-fi access so you can study there while eating sweets. I love this concept!

You should definitely check out their website. They have tasting workshops, that you must absolutely reserve and it costs 12.25 dollars + taxes.


Les Givrés

3807 Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC

H2W 2M4 514-373-7558


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