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Wienstein & Gavino’s

I’ve been to this restaurant many times when I was in my cegep years. I had even organized an end of year party for my program Liberal Arts and our cojointed program Arts & Science where I made reservations for over 20 people and only half  of them showed up.

After a crazy week of frosh, some of the leaders organized a nice dinner and their choice was set on Wienstein & Gavino’s. A good choice as it located in the heart of downtown on Crescent street and near Concordia’s campus. It also gave us a reason to dress fancy , now who doesn’t love dressing up?

We were a party of 16 people and we all ordered pasta. How does that work? First, you chose the kind of pasta you desire and then you pick the sort of sauce to top it. There are 9 different sorts of fresh egg pasta from farfalle to tortellini and more. There are 6 classic sauces to put on your pasta such as arrabbiata or alfredo. There are 10 other sauces that contain specific ingredients. In those sauces, there are 3 exclusively for seafood lovers. I chose fettuccine and I picked the Gigi sauce that came with prosciutto, mushrooms, basil and rosée sauce. The sauce was perfectly creamy, the pieces of prosciutto were salty and the basil added flavour. My only regret is not choosing a different sort of pasta like farfalle. I also ordered an amaretto sour which tasted good and super sweet. It also changed from drinking cheap beer all week.

Gigi and amaretto sour

It was extremely filling and I wasn’t able to finish all of my plate. I’m just happy that I didn’t order an appetizer beforehand. A few had ordered chicken ceasar salad, it was tempting but I resisted. Less than half of us took the rest of our meals in a doggy bag. The pasta still tasted good cold later that night with more alcohol in my system.

They don’t accept interac, which I find disappointing. I mean not everyone has a credit card. We don’t necessarily always carry cash with us. I try to make it a habit of always having cash on me. Especially if I know I’m going to a restaurant. Most restaurants in Chinatown only accept cash. I went to a restaurant once where their terminal was down and they couldn’t accept either interac or credit card payments. Luckily I had enough cash but my friend had to go an ATM machine outside the restaurant, as well as other customers. Thankfully for W&G, I had enough cash even if I paid 10 dollars in coins. There is no way that I’m withdrawing money from the ATM machine that usually frauds cards and charges almost 3 dollars of fees. Funny fact, the waiter never came back for me while everyone had already paid. So I didn’t get to see his face counting all the coins, hoping it wasn’t too upset. Oooops!

I give W&G a grade of 8/10. The food is good and the prices are between reasonable and expensive. ( L’Académie is cheaper!) A drink and a main meal is just under 30 dollars with taxes. Appetizers are quite expensive ranging between 10 and 15 dollars, except for soups at 6 dollars. One appetizer is even 40 dollars!!!  It has merguez sausage, shrimp, fried calamari, bocconcini cheese, etc. I’m pretty sure that it’s meant for at least four people and would be ideal to order for a big party.

The restaurant is on two floors so I recommend it more for big events, such as a work, birthday or engagement party. Couples will easily get lost in the loud atmosphere. If you plan on a double or triple couple date, it’ll be more fun. Nothing is intimate here, keep that in mind.

Wienstein & Gavino’s

1434 Crescent, Montreal, QC

H3G 2B2 514-288-2231


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