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Cake Show

Hi everyone, I want to inform you that Montreal is having its first Cake Show ever!!! It’s happenning next weekend, on October 27th and 28th. I definitely recommend attending, especially if  you love (obsessed) cake and cupcakes. There will be live challenges, decorating contests, sponsor demos, professionally-taught courses and the list goes on.

Now guess who’s going to cover it for one of Concordia’s newspapers? ME!!! I am so excited, when I heard they were looking for someone to cover the event, I replied as if my life depended on it. I am so excited especially if I get to talk to an experienced baker. I’m going to take many pictures and will post my experience. If you didn’t make it, you’ll know what to expect for next year’s edition.

There’s a cupcake challenge, more details here!

Visit their website Cake Show for all the details!

Facebook page too!

p.s. These are the last cupcakes I made about 6 months ago. I hope to be baking some pretty soon!!!



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