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After having dinner at Mazurka, we (read “Mike and I”) decided to go to Ripples to taste their homemade ice cream. I had already mentionned it to Mike once but we didn’t get a chance to go and this time, we weren’t missing it. The three others followed us but didn’t order anything, they are too cheap. Of course the ice cream is expensive, it’s HOMEMADE so it tastes better!!!

I’ve passed by the store so many times in years and this was the moment where I could finally taste their ice cream. They have many different flavours of ice cream, sorbet or frozen yogurt. I was all giddy like a cild and didn’t know what flavours I wanted to try. It takes me forever to make a choice, especially when it comes to treats!

Mike had raspberry cheesecake ice cream and chocolate 6x ice cream on a cone. The chocolate is concentrated 6 times so if you don’t like chocolate, don’t even think about getting it. I tasted both of them and I almost had a heart attack with the chocolate. I had never tasted anything this heavy and creamy at the same time . The cheesecake was good too but heavy. He finished all of it and yes, this guy is crazy.

A bit blurry

I was not as suicidal as Mike as I took two flavours in a cup. The last time I took ice cream in a cone after eating a meal, I had trouble finishing it. I choose mojito sorbet and raspberry sorbet. Mojito was wonderful, very minty, tasted like the drink but sweeter. There isn’t too much alcohol, so a child could have some but I doubt he/she would like it. After a couple of spoonfuls, it was getting sour. The raspberry one was fruity and light, no superficial taste. I was happy that it was on the bottom so I finished with something sweet and good.

I definitely recommend trying Ripples at least once. They’re presently closed as summer is over, but they should be open in mid-April.


3880 Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC
 H2W 1Y2 514-842-1697

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