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Ru and I had coupons for Euro Polonia. Mike, Cam and Si accompanied us for some Polish on a Sunday evening. Unfortunately, the restaurant was closed for summer vacations and we ended up going to Mazurka. I joined them later, as the STM was being as punctual as always. I found them on the terrace in lively Prince Arthur street, it was a warm evening.

There were 2 different soups available, I chose the lentil one that was delicious. I don’t remember what the other kind of soup was, it seemed heavier. It came with a piece of bread and butter.

Mike and Ru had the meat combo which consists of 2 meat perogies, bigos and potato pancake. Bigos are a mix of sauerkraut (sour cabbage), mushrooms and sausage stew. They both loved their meals and I undersood after I tasted the bigos. I love cabbage and the mix with the sausages was great, I wished I had chosen that option but couldn’t as I mention below. Note: everyone expected me to take that option or something that had meat.

Due to food poisoning 2 days ago, I ate light as anything too heavy made me nauseous but not Indian the previous day, weirdly enough… Si and I took the vegetarian combo which consisted of 2 cheese & potato perogies, cheese blintz and potato pancake. Yes, the plate looks empty compared to the meat combo. I was really skeptic as it seemed it wouldn’t be enough to fill us up. But you should never judge a book by its cover. I had trouble finishing it, probably due to the food poisoning. The perogies were delicious, especially with the sour cream which complimented it perfectly. The blintz is a thin crepe with cheese filling inside. I expected it would to be everything but sweet. It was almost like cream cheese but sweeter. Not the best thing to put in a crepe in my opinion, but it was edible. The pancake was heavy and crispy.

Cam had the chesee and potato perogies, which consisted of 7 of them. She’s the lightest eater I know until today. She was the only one who asked for them to be steamed which she regretted after having a bite. Cam asked the waitress if they could be fried, she replied it was possible but it would take a couple of minutes. They tasted better fried than steamed. She didn’t finish eating them though!!! She brought them home for her father who was craving them. What a sweetheart!

We also had the option of coffee or tea with these specials. Only Ru, Si and I had tea, might as well since it helps digest. Also, there’s an extra fee of 50 cents if you’d like your perogies fried. Are they that cheap that they have to charge us this extra? Seriously, is it harder to fry food than steam it? The inside of the restaurant was nice, it had a classy feel to it. It gets a grade of 6.5/10. The service was okay and the food was good, nothing remarkable though. It gets a low grade because Ru and I ended up going to Euro Polonia since then and the food is not only better but the service is great. These specials that include a soup, a meal and a coffee/tea are a good deal at only 11.25 dollars without taxes during weekends and holidays. It’s even cheaper during the week, after 5pm it’s 10.75 dollars and before that it’s 8.75 dollars. I definitely recommend trying it, especially for lunch in the week if you’re in the area.


64 Prince Arthur East, Montreal, QC

H2X 1B3 514-844-3539

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  1. Wow, Nick! Thank you for the wonderful critic! Love your writing style. Looking forward to the next blog post. X

  2. Eric Desjardins

    Unfortunetly, Mazurka is closing on December 9th 2012, at this very moment!!!


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