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Gibeau Orange Julep

Ru and I were biking around her area appartment hunting for her best friend arriving shortly. She suggested we had lunch at Gibeau Orange Julep and I gladly approved as I had never been there but heard about it and their weird orange juice. It’s at the corner of Decarie and Jean-Talon streets, a nightmare for both cyclists and pedestrians.

I always assumed it was a restaurant where you could eat and sit inside but not at all. You can either eat on the picnic tables or in your car. As we were on our bicycles, we sat at a table where we were surrounded by seagulls and bees.

Ru was craving the poutine so she got the trio with a hot dog and a drink. The poutine was extremely delicious, the fries were fat and greasy with the cheese perfectly squishy. Probably one of the best poutines I’ve ever tasted.

I opted for a double cheeseburger trio with fries and a drink. It was surprisingly good! The cheeseburger was to die for and I loved that it had a pickle. I asked it to be all dressed except for onions. The fries like I previously mentionned were great, golden brown and crunchy like fries should be.

Now let’s talk about the infamous orange julep, the juice that is either a hit or a miss. While having my first couple of sips, I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. Though the more I drank some, the more I found the taste revulsing. It tasted like a weird mix of orange, sugar, cream and other ingredients I couldn’t quite figure out. I love sweet things, but this was overwhelming and reminded me of a cough syrup. By the time the bees took my drink hostage, I knew I’d never want to drink it ever again. Ru likes it and I saw many people coming to buy a liter of the juice and drink it by the picnic table. You’ll have to taste it to know if you like it or not.

Ru said  that small fast food places usually have better food than the big chains. I can’t help but agree with her, the Petit Québec, a junk food near my house has amazing food and it’s cheap. Also, I’ve only seen 2 others in the island of Montreal so far.

Can I really grade such a place? Why not, let’s give it a 8/10. I enjoyed the food, especially the fries but utterly disliked the juice. Also I found it was quite expensive, a trio roughly cost 10 dollars. I can eat healthier for for less than that amount so that doesn’t help.

The entrance on the corner of Decarie and Jean-Talon and the orange ball that you can’t miss.

Gibeau Orange Julep 

7700 Decarie, Montreal, QC

H4P 2H4 514-738-7486

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  1. Ah no!!! I shouldn’t have read that! Now all I want is a poutine..but i can’t have it 😦

  2. Awww!!! I’ll send you some cheese and gravy so you can make some!!! 🙂


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