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I had often heard about breakfast at Tiffanys and no, I ain’t talking ‘bout the luxurious jewelry store for the movie with Audrey Hepburn. I’m talking about the brunch restaurant on Decarie boulevard, near De La Savane metro. I rarely venture in that area of my own will, I find it isn’t very pedestrian friendly. It is easier to get there by car, but it’s only 5 to 10 minutes away from the metro. Tiffanys looks incredibly vast from the exterior but from the interior as well. I entered and was anxious at finding Dee and Ella who drove, but luckily they were at eyesight of the entrance where the hostess awaits. The seatings are comfortable and large, especially the booth where I was seating but the chairs didn’t look too bad.

Ella and I decided to stick to the brunch menu that is available till 3pm, while Dee had a lunch meal.

Ella was craving an omelette, but hesitated between the Mediterranean and the Triple Cheese one. She finally opted for the creation of her own omelette, which allows you to choose 3 ingredients from a list of vegetables, cheese and meat. She put spinach, mushroom and cheddar in her omelette that’s made with 3 eggs. I had a bite and it was really good, loved the melted cheese. It is also served with potatoes and fruits. Poor Ella couldn’t finish her entire meal, but who can blame her, seriously 3 eggs is too much!!!

Dee chose the grilled chicken sandwich that had feta cheese, shallot onions, avocado, candied tomato, lettuce, arugula with aioli (sauce made with garlic & olive oil), ginger lime spread and olive tapenade spread. That’s a lot of things in a sandwich and it comes with two sides of your choice. Dee chose french fries and a walnut lentil salad. Those fries looked delicious and that lentil salad looked heavenly. When she took a bite of her sandwich, it seemed as if the world had stopped and she was on a cloud to heaven. A priceless moment as her face reflected an incredible joy that I wish I had captured. The caption under would be “Only a bite and you’ll be guaranteed a couple of seconds in heaven!” I don’t need to mention she very much enjoyed her meal and had no complaints about it. She also had a delicious mango smoothie.

I wanted to try something different so I chose the Bagelicious, which consisted of a fried egg with the choice of bacon or black forest ham, cheese, tomatoes and lettuce. A BLT in other words on a bagel. I took bacon and wished I had chosen the ham instead; it would have been more filling than the small strips of bacon. The bagel was the skinny sesame one from St-Viateur, which I love. Though, I think it would have been better to have a fuller bagel that could contain the other ingredients that kept falling through my fingers. It also came with potatoes and fruits. The potatoes were grilled and burning hot, a delight. I loved my brunch, but was sad that it was so small and easy to eat. After seeing Dee’s smoothie, I gave in and ordered a strawberry one. Best choice of the day. Made with strawberry, banana, orange juice and vanilla yogurt, with a strawberry on the side.

A cute picture of our drinks, Ella had diet coke.

Dee also had a red velvet cake, she just couldn’t resist. Plus, she made Ella and I have a couple of bites. I loved how it was brought on a plate with whipped cream on the sides. The only disappointment is the sprinkles of lemon on top of the cake which added a lemony taste that disappeared after 2 bites. It was simply delicious but oh so filling! Dee and I managed our tight stomachs and finished it, Ella only had a bite or two.

It was busy for a Friday, I rarely go out for brunch or lunch on weekdays, so I admit I was surprised.

It gets a 8/10 for me, though I’m sure Dee would rate it with a perfect grade. The plates are enormous, which made our meals look smaller, except for Dee’s that was full. I have to admit that the presentations of the dishes, except for the sandwich and the dessert disappointed me. It looks less attractive when the plates have holes. I’d rather have a smaller plate that’s stuffed than a large plate that looks empty. I am aware that it is a delusion, but it’s more appealing to the eyes.

I definitely recommend it for both brunch and/or lunch, you can also have dinner. Prices vary between 15 and 25 dollars without taxes, depending if you take a drink and/or a dessert. Whether you’re among friends, family or co-workers, you’ll find it to your taste with a feel good vibe.

Tiffanys Restaurant

7977 Decarie, Montreal, QC

H4P 2H5 514-737-7977

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