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Carré Confiseries

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I was heading to the metro and decided to walk to the de bleury exit as it’s less crowded when I stumbled upon a marvel. A candy store, bright and new filled with delicacies.

No, I wasn’t dreaming! I knew there were going to open one soon, but I thought it’d be later in august. Without hesitation, I entered and felt like I was a kid again. Just that should make you want to run to the store. The staff is incredibly friendly. An employee welcomed me and explained how one side of the wall is 2.49 dollars and the other one 2.99 dollars. He ended me a bag, which I managed to not fill entirely (self control). Another employee, who seemed important (manager?), chatted with me. She told me the store had just opened at noon for the construction vacations, which is why the store looks empty. It was Thursday, the 26th. She mentioned they will have an ice cream machine as well as some fudge and other things I can’t quite remember. You have to forgive as I was too distracted by the sweets to process all this information; I was probably on cloud 9.

I will be returning to the store pretty soon and urge you to visit it if you have a sweet tooth like me. I don’t want it to shut down like Candy Heaven shut down in the Eaton Center a couple of years ago!!!! : (


Just writing this makes me want to go back, despite my teeth hurting and my vow to avoiding sweets. Temptation seems to overpower my will.


Carré Confiseries

1502 de Bleury, Montreal, QC

H3A 2J2 514-507-7377


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  1. I pass by this place almost every day when heading in/out of the metro. Will be taking the kids there tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up.


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