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Unfortunately, I will not be posting anything this week. Due to unknown reasons, I lost the pictures in my camera of the past week. I had enough material for 2 restaurant reviews (Le Gros Jambon and Eva Resto Lounge), as well as more on the Souk at Just For Laughs Festival with the food trucks and a recommendation to Jardins Nelson for the amazing and huge terrace they have. I am extremely saddened by this fact, as they would have been excellent posts.

I will definitely go back to Le Gros Jambon, but this time for dinner with Em. We went for brunch with Lou and we loved the food and the place, which is an authentic dinner with amazing decorations that brings us back in the 50s. Em went back to try the mac’n’cheese with four cheeses that was the best I’ve ever tasted. Forget about kraft dinner, that is chemical and artificial. Once again, I’m disappointed and sorry I can’t post anything for a while.

Thank you for following me and tune in shortly for a post about the Souk and a new candy store that made my heart jump!!! : ) ❤



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