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Street food isn’t allowed in Montreal due to a law passed in 1947, claiming it wasn’t very hygienic and making it illegal. Though last summer, some food trucks have been holding camp at some of the festivals. The City of Montreal is reconsidering allowing street food, which I believe they should without hesitation. Also who says street food consists only of junk food?

Gaëlle Cerf, who runs the taco truck Grumman’78 with Marc-André Leclerc and Hilary McGown, was asked by the Just for Laughs festival to organize a food market between the 12th and 28th July on Sainte-Catherine street between Bleury and Saint-Urbain.

There were 8 different trucks, with some refreshments stands where you could get beer, water or juice: Lucky’s Truck – La Mangeoire – Hot Bull Dog – Nouveau Palais – Crêpe Moi – Pas d’Cochon dans mon Salon – SmoothFruit – Grumman’78

Last week, I went to the First Fridays at the esplanade of the Olympic Park near Pie-Ix metro. It’s about time that we got something interesting happening in the east hood. This event is only in summer and the last one is on Friday august 3rd. I wandered on my own, which wasn’t the smartest idea. The lines were all extremely long. I barely hesitated when it came to which truck to stand in line for.


I winded up in the longest line, which happened to be Grumman’78. I waited about an hour, only to be told that there wasn’t anything left but corn. Those waiting in line were all frustrated, some even left while others asked for corn. Funny fact, there wasn’t even have any corn left, the cashier offered to reimburse those who ordered some or change their order for 2 tacos. Yes, by god knows what miracle, they were able to make tacos with beef and sour cream only. At this point, I didn’t care what ingredients were inside, I was starving and I really wanted to try their tacos!!! The cashier was nice enough to reduce the price, going from 5 to 4 dollars for a taco. I only ordered 2. It smelled so good and when I took a bite, I thought I was in heaven. I’m not even exaggerating it really tasted heavenly. First, the soft shell for the taco was so smooth and the beef was so juicy, dripping all over. I squeezed the limes given over the meat and even put some hot sauce in one of my tacos, simply breathtaking.

Crossing out things at my greatest disappointment

 By the time, I got my tacos, half the trucks were closed. I was extremely happy the SmoothFruit was still open and I ordered a tropical mix with strawberry, banana, mango and etc. Refreshing and light, I wish they didn’t only have one format. I would have taken the biggest format if I could, it was so good.

I wanted to order something else and I went to Nouveau Palais as the line wasn’t as long as the one at Hot Bull Dog. I ordered a burger and wasn’t expecting much. The taste blew my socks out! The bread had some poppy seeds, which I’m not a fan of and it also had onions, which I don’t like. Despite those 2 things, the burger was delicious with its rich meat and incredible cheese that melted into the bread. A lot of flavour for a simple burger.


My conclusion: Street food should be allowed not only in festivals or special events. You will definitely  be seeing me around those food trucks all summer. I’ll let you know if I try anything else!


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