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Last day of work for Julie, we decided to have lunch together despite having dinner the previous night. We went to Wok’N’Roll on Saint-Denis street, a 10 minute walk from our job. They have a lunch special where you get a wonton soup, an imperial roll, a main meal with the choice of rice or vermicelli noodle. You can also choose a tonkinese soup as your main meal.

I was hesitating between the beef and chicken, so I chose both with vermicelli noodle. It comes with a salad and the imperial roll was in our plate. Some coworkers didn’t want the wonton soup so they had 2 rolls as an appetizer instead. I’m disappointed that we didn’t have the sauce they had for their rolls that looked sweeter and orangey than the clear one we had that didn’t taste anything. Both the beef and chicken were delicious and sweet, I was satisfied with my choice. I even had space to try the chicken general tao of Julie who didn’t finish her plate. It was perfectly sweet and they were generous with the chicken.

You also get a fortune cookie in the lunch special and it’s an excellent deal with prices just under 15 dollars with taxes. I definitely recommend it during lunch time. An appetizer and a main meal would normally be between 20 and 25 dollars. I’ve had dinner there once, I tried a coconut chicken that was delicious and extremely filling. It gets a grade of 7.5/10. They have a terrace with a roof so the sun doesn’t hit your face directly and you get to look at people passing on Saint-Denis. Any occasion is nice to try it, if you feel like some Asian food and you’re in the area.

Wok N’ Roll

4293 Saint-Denis  Montreal, QC

H2J 2K8 514-807-7261


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