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My work threw a going-away dinner for a co-worker at Le Poisson Rouge. I was really excited for two reasons: one I’ve often passed in front of this cute restaurant and two, our boss was paying the entire tab. If there’s something I like more than food, it’s free food! : ) It was also a surprise party; Julie was moved even more when she opened her gift and card. I’m going to miss her! There is no doubt that we were the noisiest. We kept getting disapproved looks from the women of the table in front of us. My co-workers are not only loud, but pretty raw. When I arrived around 6:30pm, it was very calm with few people. By 8:30pm, the place was animated and almost packed.

We all had a table d’hôte, which offers an appetizer, a soup or salad, a main dish, dessert with coffee or tea. I didn’t take pictures of everyone’s meal, to not ruin “the moment”.

I was up to try something new so I ordered a crab roll with shiitake (mushroom), served with a sweet and sour sauce. It was scrumptious and the sauce was amazing, very cute in its shooter glass. It was greatly presented on top of spinach with a slice of passion fruit.

I choose the soup instead of the salad. It was a cold one with beet, curry and a dollop of sour cream. Very different, but it tasted good after a couple of spoonfuls.

As my principal meal, I chose bison meat with melted blue cheese in Porto sauce, served with sweet potatoes and vegetables. It was part of the menu of that day. Unfortunately, I only took one picture and I didn’t realize the sweet potato wasn’t visible. A shame as it was sweet and soft. The bison was deliciously tender and well-cooked like I asked. As for the blue cheese, I am aware that is is an aged cheese, but I did not expect such a strong taste at all. The mix was nice and very different.

There were 2 choices for the dessert. First was an ice crepe filled with nougat and covered in chocolate sauce. Second was a strawberry and blackberry upside down cake with a coulis. I chose the cake and didn’t regret my choice. It was light, fruity and sweet. Both were nicely presented with a ground cherry as decoration. I heard the crepe was delicious, but it looked heavier than my cake.

I loved that tea was served in a glass instead of a cup, fancy and pretty.

Our waitress was sweet, the typical woman who calls you cute names, very motherly. Her glasses were on the tip of her nose when she took our orders. She slightly scolded a co-worker who wasn’t giving her space to put a plate down. I appreciated that we had small intervals before getting our meals. I had time to digest my main dish before she asked us if we wanted any dessert. A table d’hôte is 37 dollars without taxes. You can bring your own wine, which everyone did but me. I didn’t want to finish a bottle of rosé on my own. It gets a grade of 8.5/10. I loved the originality and the beautiful presentation of the food. They have a stable menu but they also have some specialties on other days, I went on a Thursday.

I simply loved the place; it’s on the corner of Rachel street, very discreet. The inside is small and intimate but it easily carries up to 50 people. I recommend it for a romantic and classy date. I saw a couple eating mussels, it’s an aphrodisiac I heard. It’s also perfect for a gathering among co-workers, loud or not.

Le Poisson Rouge

1201 Rachel East, Montreal, QC

H2J 2J8 514-522-4876


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