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I love macarons, they are super sweet and cute. Point G is near my work place on Mont-Royal street so anytime I feel like a macaron, I pass by. I love their different flavours and how they change during the seasons.

During my last visit, I noticed a mojito sherbet. The girl must have seen my eyes pop out and asked if I wanted to have a small taste. I resisted to the temptation of taking a cup, it was delicious and actually tasted like a mojito. The girl suggested a wonderful idea: put some sherbet in a mojito drink to create a floater, perfect during a girl’s night.

Em and I headed there, after our brunch at Les Folies, we shared a pack of 6. She had Madagascar vanilla, pistachio, chocolate hazelnut. I had yuzu, vodka & cranberry and orange blossom. The yuzu was lightly sour but still sweet. The vodka & cranberry had less vodka flavouring that I expected. Orange blossom was the sweetest and my favorite. We both loved our choices, did I regret not taking a pack of 10? Yes, but I didn’t want to eat too much after a big brunch.

We also had some sherbets, Em had pistachio and I tried the raspberry and litchi. I loved mine, delicious and refreshing. The pistachio actually tasted like pistachio, very nutty and not too heavy. I loved that the sherbets were served on cute plates that looked like boat chips. There’s nothing I love more than people who respect the environment, extra points!

I think they have the best macarons so far, but I haven’t tried all of them yet. I recommend to stop by Point G if ever you’re in the Plateau area. On a warm day, you will go crazy for their original flavours of ice cream and sherbets. They have 22 amazing flavours for the macarons. They have boxes that can contain 20 or 40 macarons, for those who want to try anything or host a macaron party!

Point G

1266 Mont-Royal East, Montreal, QC

H2J 1Y4 514-750-7515


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