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Am and I had another occasion for dinner. I wanted to try a new Asian restaurant, but they were too far from downtown. She suggested Korean and we ended up in Chez Bong, a cute restaurant in Chinatown. I had never heard of it and I understood why when we went down some stairs between De La Gauchetiere and Viger streets. I’ve often passed in front the area but never paid much attention to it. I loved that the walls were in wood. It created a serenely and cozy atmosphere despite being on a basement level. I don’t know why but I felt as if I was on a small boat, eating among comrades. (One Piece <3)

Korean restaurants always offer small appetizers. We had some kimchi (marinated vegetables) and some sweet potatoes. Those potatoes were perfectly sweet; I could have eaten just that and the kimchi as a meal. Refills are available to my earnest joy, unlike Hwang-Kum.

Am had a Kimchi Jiigae, a kimchi soup with pork and tofu. She had a side of rice that she put in her soup. It was extremely hot and spicy; it had a porridge texture with the rice mixed in. I loved everything about it, just wished I had waited for my spoon to cool.

I had the Jap Chae which is stir fried potato noodles with pork and vegetables. Funny fact, the translation is different in English and French. It simply said vermicelli noodles in the former language while it said “nouilles de pommes de terre” in the latter one, translating to “potato noodles”. It’s very misleading for someone who doesn’t understand French. Potato noodles are heavy, extremely heavy. I was stuffed after eating two thirds of my plate. Thank you Am for suggesting me not to take appetizers, I would have died. If you’re more than 4, you should try either the pork/veggie dumplings or the veggie tempura. I can’t wait to go again with more people to try them both.

I loved the television with K-Pop music videos. It was a bit distracting and I was not always paying attention to Am, sorry for neglecting you but you know I can’t resist pretty Korean dancing and singing. If you’re on a date with someone who loves Korean, do not be surprised if you don’t have his or her full attention.

The waiters were skinny Korean boys, ours was very friendly. He brought us napkins without us asking, very thoughtful. I’m sure he had an eye on Am though, asking her if she’s Korean. ; )

If you want delicious Korean food for cheap, I recommend Chez Bong. Both our meals were 9.99 dollars without taxes, so a meal for 2 is just under 25 dollars with taxes and tips. Water was in containers, Am said that’s how it is in South Korea where restaurants are mostly self-serve. You grab a closed container of water with your chopsticks, get your meal from the counter if I’m not wrong and seat yourself. Just like the fast food concept, but where the food is actually healthy. For those of you who love kimchi, they sell some in a small or big cup for the price of 5 or 10 dollars. It gets a grade of 9/10; cute place for a date, but also perfect for a group. There is also Korean barbecue available, another reason for me to return.

Am showed me how to make a stand to hold your chopsticks. I filmed a video but it’s being edited and I’ll post it as soon as I can, it’s amazing!!!

Chez Bong

1021 Saint-Laurent , Montreal, QC

H2Z 1J4 514-396-7779


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