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Poutineville Ontario

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Finally, I went to Poutineville, where you can choose what you put in your poutine. Yes, I’m a fan of creating my own meals (Yeh Yogourt!). We went to the one on Ontario, the main one is on Beaubien street. We were a good gang, Cam with her family, Mike, Rox and me. (Welcome back Rox, we missed you! : ) )

Our waiter was very charming, especially with Cam’s mother calling her by her name. How did he know our names? The menu consisted on one side of the various ingredients available to create your poutine. You have to write your name on top, which adds a personal touch. The other side side consists of poutines with specific ingredients. They looked delicious but I came here to create and eat my own masterpiece. I have to mention “Crise cardiaque” (heart attack in French) which had all the meats if I remember well. Note: this poutine has to be shared; no sane human being would eat one on his own. It costs 50 dollars and I’m sure we could have shared it, but we didn’t want to have a heart attack.

I don’t remember all the ingredients in everyone’s poutine, I was to busy creating mine to fully pay attention. Cam and her mom had regular poutines so I didn’t bother taking pictures and won’t mention them.

Cam’s dad had Philly steak, onions and grain cheese. Doesn’t look too appetizing to my eyes, but he said it was very good.

Cam’s brother had Italian sausage, chicken, grain cheese and the 911 sauce.

Rox tried the sample poutines which consisted of 2 plates, one of sweet potato fries with the red wine sauce and the other of regular fries with the black pepper sauce. She wasn’t a fan of the black pepper sauce, preferring the red wine.

Mike is the man, he had 4 kinds of cheese (grains, mozzarella, cheddar and swiss) and 3 kinds of meat (hot dog, ham and pepperoni?) and he took the large plate. Do you know the worst part? He actually finished it all!!!

I tried the sweet potato fries, with mozzarella and grains cheese with italian sausage, roasted red peppers, fried zucchinis and the 911 sauce. I admit I yelled 911 after having a bite, it was so spicy, and I had to ask for a 7up to cool down. I loved my poutine, probably the best I’ve had in my life (I am not a big poutine eater, too many calories for a ridiculously small plate).

I simply loved the big crayons; I wanted to steal one and our sheets with our name and our choice. It’s kind of tricky if you don’t look at the price of what you add, the bill goes up quickly. My poutine with a soft drink was 20 dollars taxes included. I was so full after that I walked home from the metro, hello calories! But I will gladly return to Poutineville if I have another occasion.

I recommend it for anyone who is tired of the traditional poutine and wants to try something other than La Banquise on Rachel street. It’s more fun when you’re a big group. Also when you’re more than 6, you’re charged the 15 percent so you don’t need to pay taxes. It was simply insane.


1365 Ontario East, Montreal, QC

H2l1s2 514-419-5444

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  1. Poutineville is a very must. A nice comfy restaurant where you can have a beer, relax, and not be in an after party environment where everyone is yelling to be overheard. The relaxing bistro style ambiance makes way to very well presented do it yourself poutines invented from a mini-golf score card type affaire. Lastly, I dare you to team up with 3 of your friends and ordeer the heart attack…go on, and ask for a doggy bag if you can’t finish, it’s ok. 🙂

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