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Les Folies 2

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Em and I decided to have brunch at Les Folies again for 2 reasons. One we wanted to be on a terrace and two we wanted to try their sangria. Of course, we tried different things on the menu.

Em had the Bénédictines with ham and swiss cheese, which came with potatoes and fresh fruits. The combination of the hollandaise sauce and the cheese created a heavenly and smooth flavour.

I had the Délices Farcis with the strawberry crepes. My meal contained 2 eggs, one meat, beans, swiss cheese, fresh fruits, potatoes and a toast. Their swiss cheese is the best like I’ve previously mentioned, simply divine. I choose sausage as a meat. I was sad to only get a single toast and not 2. The beans and potatoes were as good as I remembered them. The crepes were stuffed with pieces of strawberries with syrup on the side. I still can’t get over the fact that the crepes are yellow. They were still delicious and soft despite their colour.

I love that the fruits are on a brochette. Yet again, Em had more fruits than me (I do tend to choose bigger meals but still I love fruits too).

The sangria, best one I’ve tasted so far, was very fruity with real pieces of berries mashed into it. Also our cups of wine had frozen raspberries with a piece of orange. It’s the perfect way to start the summer in Montreal. There is a line-up for those who want to eat on the terrace and why wouldn’t you on such a sunny, warm day? I find the inside too dark or maybe I was blinded by the light of the sun which didn’t allow me to be impartial. One of the washrooms felt like a submarine with stripes of blue and white with a window in submarines. I did try to open it, but it was glued. There was also a funny picture about how the brown paper doesn’t go in the toilet, starring the New Kids on The Block.


I previously gave it a grade of 7.5, it gets an upgrade to 8.5/10. Brunch for 2 with a pitcher of sangria is roughly around 45 and 50 dollars with taxes. I noticed that all the waitresses that day were short and cute, ours was adorable. Service was good for a busy day. I recommend Les Folies for brunch in summer on a warm day. The terrace is on Mont-Royal street so it gets noisy but you can still have a conversation without yelling. Whether you’re in couple, with friends or family, any occasion is great.

Les Folies

701 Mont-Royal East, Montreal, QC

H2J 1W7 514-528-4343

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