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We had a reservation for a birthday. It took more than 5 minutes before someone waited on us and brought us to our table that was right near the door. When we were finally seated by the owner, we didn’t receive any service at all. We asked another waiter if he could get menus even if he wasn’t going to serve us. Our waitress came later and she gave the 2nd worst service at a restaurant, right after Steak & Frites on St-Paul in the Old Port. Kev clapped when we got our meals hours later and the waitress didn’t seem too happy apparently. Ad got up to get a drink at the bar, the waitress literally ran to her asking if she could help her, Ad replied “What? I’ve been looking for you for more than 10 minutes so I got up to get a drink.”

We had a disgusting mix of olives and yellow beans. We had to ask for some bread as it never arrived. Not only was it cold, but there was no olive oil mixed with balsamic vinegar. I thought most Mediterranean places served that.

Kath and I shared tapas of garlic shrimps that were delicious. It smelled so good and the garlic sauce was to die for. Kath and I dipped our bread in it.

Mel, Mart and Marty others had a ceasar salad, they were all different. One had too much croutons, another too much dressing, none prepared the same way.

Sam had fried calamari and garlic shrimps as her main meal. The calamari were delicious and the shrimps are the same that Kath and I split.

Mig had the chicken hamburger with fries.

Kath had the fried shrimps with salad and vegetables.

Mel had the Portuguese mixed grilled, which included chicken, chourico (Portuguese spicy sausage), pork scallop and beef with vegetables and fries (that were forgotten and came later).

Ad had the grilled sardines with murro (beat up) potatoes and vegetables.

Kev had Portuguese style grilled codfish with vegetables and fried zuchinni/eggplant.

Mart had the “bife de casa”, beef medallions with porto and mushrooms sauce.

Marty had the “bitoque”, a Portuguese entrecote with an egg on top, with potato chips. He said it was delicious and hot, he got his plate last and it was obviously the last meal cooked.

I had “febras de porco” grilled pork scallops with vegetable and fries (that were also forgotten). So no pictures of them that were the only part of my meal that was hot.

My grade is 2/10. You think I sound harsh but all 9 of us believe the service was terrible. We waited at least 5 minutes before anyone talked to us at the door, if you have a sign asking us to wait to be seated by someone, at least have someone always by the door. Our waitress was incredibly bad with a fake smile. Also she made a mistake about an order when Kat and I asked for the shrimps appetizer, she mentioned there were 7 of them but in the plate, there was only 5. I told her she had said 7, she barely excused herself of her mistake saying “No, it’s 5 sorry.” As it if wasn’t her fault. Also would it have killed them to add an extra shrimp for an equal number since we asked to share a plate. She didn’t advise us that it would take some time to have a meal, while serving us water 5 times, she could have mentioned that it shouldn’t be too long and the cooks are busy. Not even, thanks for nothing miss.

I told the owner at the end how unpleasant the waitress was and  he promised me an excellent service when I’d come back that the girl was new and that’s why she wasn’t amazing. The girl didn’t look new at all, she looked like she hated her job. But when you just can’t stand your job, you should quit. The owner almost made me puke when he made me twirl. Seriously, you could be my father, don’t hit on me, you old leech. Though he did get us free shooters and the birthday boy didn’t pay his main dish as Mart mentionned to him outside that we were having a horrible service.

You can have an appetizer and a meal for less than 25 dollars with taxes. I don’t recommend this to anyone who appreciates good service and food. There are better portuguese restaurants out there than this one.

Na Brasa

121 Duluth East, Montreal, QC

H2W1G8 514-287-9096


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