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I was extremely excited when Dee and Nico agreed to have dinner at the F bar. Ever since its opening 2 years ago, right in the heart of the festivals at Place Des Arts, I’ve been dreaming to dine in this rectangular restaurant on the sidewalk.

There was a special of the day as an entrée, which was crab tempura with a heavenly sauce, dried tomatoes, small potatoes and vegetables. We thought we’d be able to share one, but it was simply so delicious that I ordered another one that I shared with Dee, so we each had one.

Nico had the pasta served with broccoli, tomato, rocket salad and olive oil. If you have too much sodium in your blood, I highly advise you to not order the pasta. Did the chef accidentally pour more salt than he had to? Nico and my tastebuds aren’t used to extremely salty food.

Dee had the salmon with creamy goat cheese, spinach and baby potatoes She was the only one 100% satisfied of her meal. The goat cheese was heavenly, to melt for.

I ordered the Portuguese grilled grain fed chicken with mashed potatoes and rapini. I had more than half a chicken in my pot. It was very good and the mashed potatoes were deliciously creamy. The rapini were too bland or maybe that’s how they taste. Dee agreed with me. If you don’t have a big appetite, you probably won’t be able to finish this meal.

Dee and Nico chose the pasteis de natas, a Portuguese egg tart pastry served with caramel/cinnanom sauce and pear sherbet. I love natas, but didn’t choose it since I could buy 6 of them for the price of the dessert. They both enjoyed it. I was left a piece, I loved the sherbet.

I chose the vinho verde (Portuguese wine) poached pear with honey/saffron yoghurt sherbet and a crispy arlette (super sweet cookie). It was divine and I would have taken another one. The weird mix of the sherbet came in perfect harmony with a delicate sweetness about it. The pear was incredibly soft and the arlette was very crispy, but not too hard it hurts your teeth. Great creation for a dessert not so common.

There was a television and you could see the chefs in action, just watch attentively if you want to be sure they don’t mess up your meal. After a while, the channel changed to a show of life under the water. It was pretty colorful, but not sure if appropriate. If you’re a guy and want to impress your lovely date, this is a great place. Ladies, there is a dental floss distributor near the washrooms. You can eat anything that gets stuck in your teeth and just run to the washroom to get it out and still look lovely.

Our waiter told us after we had paid, that we were his first table he waited. I already thought our waiter was nice and cute with his baby face, but that just melted my heart, extra points. Even Dee said if she had known, she would have given him more tips. He didn’t look new, even if he didn’t have all the answers to the desserts. I am very picky with food as I like to know what I will be eating, even more when comes time for desserts. It gets a grade of 7/10 for the originality and presentation of plates/pots. Prices are fairly high, especially their martinis. I had 2 pear martini and they were the price of my main meal. It’s disappointing that they don’t have a drink menu and I forgot to ask the price. If I had known, I would have only taken one or another drink as my bill was the highest. I recommend eating there if you are financially stable money wise, it gets expensive quickly. An entrée, meal and dessert are roughly 50 dollars without taxes. If you plan on having fancy drinks, expect another 10-15 dollars more. Reservations are highly recommended, they are extremely busy especially on weekend nights.

I think that pear is a specialty, here’s my martini!

F Bar

1485 Jeanne-Mance, Montreal, QC

H2J 2X4 514-289-4558


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