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I was passing through Chinatown when I noticed a new restaurant with the most adorable green chairs. So when Am suggested movies and dinner, I knew exactly where to go. I noticed that non-Chinese people have a different menu, Western society style. Am asked for the Chinese one instead, a plasticized place mat. My menu only had appetizers and meals. It had many pages, at least 6 and there was no mention of desserts or drinks. Astounding, how it sounds so simple for the Chinese that even have pictures of some meals, desserts and drinks.

Am chose the beef stew flank vermicelli soup, it smelled and looked delicious.

I chose the char siu (honey BBQ pork) vermicelli soup. It’s the first time I had some, the meat was perfectly sweet. Even the soup was tasteful; it had some ginseng that added a great taste. The vermicelli noodles were thicker than usual, easier to grasp and more filling.  Am pointed out how soups in other Asian restaurants are bland. Very true, especially with phở (tonkinese soup) where I always combine sweet and hot sauce to add some flavour.

We decided to share an appetizer and chose congee with pork and marinated eggs, also known as thousand year old eggs. They taste like it also. Congee is a rice porridge, eaten in my Asian countries. Warm and comforting are the 2 words that best describe it. If you’re not used to the texture, it might taste weird. I recommend getting a regular one with no extras to start it. It was funny that we got it after our main meals so it was more of a dessert than an appetizer. Note: Unless you’re not human, you cannot finish the congee on your own and have a meal after. We were two on it and I was stuffed. Personally, I didn’t like the eggs as much. The yolk part was disgustingly nasty, it tasted like rotted fish and I hate fish.  The white part of the egg was actually sweet and it feels like jelly. It’s marinated for a period of time; hence it gets its dark color and gelatin texture. It would have been more pleasing with just the pork.

I love their dishes, reminds me of fancy porcelain and it’s cute that they match, except the small white one.

There is also a ship on a counter, which is often seen in new restaurants as it symbolizes prosperity. “May the wind blow favourably in your way”, not an actual quote but the perfect example of what it represents.

The cute and colorful chairs I fell in love with! ❤

The interior is appealing and a sense of comfort emanates from the place, even this passerby stops and gazes.

It is a typical Cantonese place where you can have a meal and tea for cheap. Even the interior reflects it as you can see people cooking behind the counter, wherever you are seated. You can see the BBQ meats as you enter the place, such as shish kebab turning and take-out is available. It opened about 2 months ago and I heard the service isn’t the sharpest. Very true as a guy brought us another bowl of congee while we asked for one to share and that we even got 2 separate small bowls. We were served some tea shortly after being seated but there wasn’t much service with the refill. I had to ask one of the waitresses, mine was cold. There were no more desserts available that evening. A waiter informed us when we were looking at them on the Chinese menu. A disappointing fact since I often choose my dessert before my meal. Another negative point is that the ladies washroom doesn’t have a mirror!!! If you’re on a date and you want to make sure you don’t have anything stuck between your teeth or just want to retouch your lipstick, bring your pocket mirror. Also, the speakers are turned to the max and you might have the feeling you’re in a club for a minute but you’re not. I wasn’t expecting that at all. It gets a 7.5/10 the food is great, the place is cute and bright, you can easily eat for two under 20 dollars. Any occasion is great to try Ethan, amongst friends or during a lunch break among co-workers. I’ll only recommend it for couples when a mirror is installed in the ladies washroom.

P.S.: Am said she had better service when she was with non-Chinese people. I told her that I had better service when I was with Chinese people, mostly her. We thus make a perfect duo to both have better service. I did mention I would try all the restaurants in Chinatown; the one in Montreal is so little it should be a piece of cake!


72A de la Gauchetiere West, Montreal, QC

H2Z1K1 514-861-0815

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