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I’ve been to McKibbin’s countless times, both at the Bishop and the Saint-Laurent venues. Mike celebrated his birthday, thus I dined in a pub for the first time. The menu was in form of a broadsheet newspaper, very original. Their menu did have many options with specials on different days that unfortunately aren’t available on other days like the one on Friday “slow roasted prime rib served with potatoes and fresh vegetables”. They have hot chicken wings made of peppers named the Guinness Book World of Records and I assume they’re in it as well. If you eat a dozen, you’ll be on the wall of fame and receive a t-shirt. Of course, you have to sign a waiver first, just in case. Ru had some once and said they are extremely hot, she felt her insides burning.

Cam ordered chicken tenders that are appetizers as her main meal. They were served with fries and a dipping sauce; she opted for the honey mustard one, which wasn’t such a good idea. The fried skin was too hard, there was barely any chicken underneath and it didn’t taste good. *She got nauseous and only ate half of her plate.* The dip was awful and tasted horribly strong; it goes up to your nose.

Mike choose the bison meat burger, he had the deluxe one for 2 dollars extra, which had bacon, cheese, sautéed mushrooms and onions. He said it was delicious and it looked the part. I regret not have chosen it, but I did have an entrée, I didn’t want to be too bloated.

I ordered spicy cheddar sticks in a crunch tri-colored tortilla chip crust, with creamy cheddar, green chile, tomato and Mexican seasonings. It was served with a chipotle mayonnaise dip. Not only were they delicious and spicy but they were cute and colorful. It tasted like a mix of heaven and hell, as it was incredibly creamy and spicy at the same time. Also the dip was a perfect accompaniment, unlike the honey mustard one in which I dipped one of my cheese sticks.

As a main meal, I chose the farmhouse club, a grilled chicken breast sandwich with bacon, cheddar, lettuce and tomato. It wasn’t an amazing sandwich but it was decently good, the bread was a Vienna roll, very soft. It was also served with fries that are delicious and crispy. Funny fact, it’s written chips on the menu but I guess that’s how the Irish says fries.

I wasn’t expecting refined cuisine or excellent service in a pub. The food was good in general, except for the chicken tenders and the nasty honey mustard dipping sauce. It gets a 4.5/10, why such a bad grade? Cam got very nauseous, barely ate half her plate and left the party earlier. She was in no condition of driving home at the beginning and she didn’t even have an alcoholic beverage. More points lost when I started getting nauseous on my way home. I’m pretty sure it was due to the honey mustard sauce as I had tasted it and Cam dipped her tenders in it. It’s extremely infuriating to feel sick after eating, especially if I’m paying for something, I want it to be edible and tasteful. You can have an appetizer, a meal and a soft drink for 25 dollars without the taxes. I recommend McKibbin’s if you want to have a drink among friends. They have bands on certain nights if you enjoy Irish music, a fun experience. I definitely do not recommend the chicken tenders and the honey mustard dipping sauce.

McKibbin’s Irish Pub

1426 Bishop, Montreal, QC

H3G 2E6 514-288-1580


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  1. Ouuiiii! La prochaine fois que vous faites ça, je serai avec vous!


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