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Mythos Ouzeri Estiatorio

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I remember the first time I went to Mythos for my Greek friend’s birthday a couple of years ago. The food was amazing and I learned how to Greek dance, an amazing night! I went again with my family for dinner on a Christmas Eve. I love Greek food, its culture and I simply cannot wait for the day I travel there, as well as attend a Greek wedding. This time, we celebrated Em’s birthday, an amazing surprise for a wonderful person!

There was an option for a complete meal with appetizer, main meal and dessert. We had to be a minimum of 4 people as we all shared the plates. There were 2 options, either the Mythos at 59 dollars or the Mezedes at 49 dollars. We were 5 and we didn’t even finish everything, despite our big appetites.

The grilled cheese was amazing; at first I thought it was the traditional Greek bread, until told. The cheese was melting as we cut it. Very hot, I almost burnt my tongue eating some.

The Grandma bread was delicious, slightly sweet and the kopanisti, an eggplant puree that accompanied it, was just as delicious.

The fried zucchini and eggplant were probably the best of all the appetizers. The tzatziki was refreshing, but it was a bit too sour to my taste. I could easily taste the onion which I’m not a fan of.

The fried squid as written on the menu (calamari) were very good. There was no sauce with it, so I dipped them in the tzatziki but it wasn’t the best combination.

The charcoal grilled octopus was surprisingly good, very chewy. I loved that it was surround by hot grilled peppers; it added some color to the plate.

The salad was pretty disappointing. The feta was delicious, but I didn’t like that the dressing, mostly olive oil was in the bottom of the plate. Not easy to reach, especially without a spoon. I wished there were more cucumbers, only 5 for each of us. I’m not a fan of onions but I tasted one because someone said it was yummy. It tasted better than raw onion but I wouldn’t eat a small bowl.

There were 3 types of meats all charcoal grilled: boneless chicken, lamb chops and sausages. The chicken was delicious and the lamb chops were simply divine. We were all full and the only meat left on the plate was the sausage, too blend, and a good dozen of pieces. I wish they had put more lamb chops and chicken, they wasn’t enough for the 5 of us.

The potatoes were as delicious as always, I love how they’re baked in the oven and marinated in a yummy sauce.

Horta which literaly means “greens” in Greek is a side dish with boiled vegetables. Our plate consisted of kale that left a bad after-taste in my mouth.

Unfortunately, I was too full to even have one loukoumades that I love and I didn’t even take a picture!! This is what they look like, picture taken at another greek restaurant.

Nobody got coffee or tea, which was included, we were too busy singing “happy birthday” and eating mini cupcakes. ❤

First time I was seating on the main level, I would usually be seated on the first floor. It was livelier with musicians and the dance floor on this level. It definitely felt like a big Greek party with many people dancing. Our waiter was a tad special, he described the Mezedes menu with such enthusiasm like a physician would explain a complicated theory. He was very friendly and I appreciated he waited before serving us the salad after all the appetizers and again before serving us our main meal. Extremely thoughtful of him. It gets a 7/10. Greek food can be expensive and prices vary between 30 and 70 dollars depending on if you want to eat light or heavy. The Mythos and Mezedes options are excellent for a group of people who want a full course, I definitely recommend it but only if you are a big eater, worth every single penny! Don’t forget to learn Greek dancing: OPA!!!

Mythos Ouzeri Estiatorio

5318 du Parc, Montreal, QC

H2V 4G7 514-270-0235


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  1. Les zuchinis frits c’est la même chose qu’on a mangé chez notre guide turc, 100% bouffe locale! Et puis ton dessert ça ressemble aussi à un truc qu’on avait mangé dans un resto à Istanbul, c’était pas au miel par hasard?

  2. Oui, c’est au miel exactement! La bouffe grecque est assez similaire à la bouffe turque de ce que j’ai entendu, il faut que j’essaie un resto turc cet été.


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