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Two weeks ago, Em and I went to the Sparrow for brunch. I have been dreaming of this moment for over a year. It’s a bar with a rustic feeling; I had been there for a drink with a friend. I found out they had brunch on weekends, but unfortunately the kitchen staff left to my biggest disappointment. One can only imagine my excitement when I tumbled across a blogger who had been there only 3 months ago. Reservations are available, I was lucky the guy accepted mine even though there wasn’t any at the time we wanted to arrive. Inside, there was a big line up; a bench was at the entrance for people waiting, very practical. We were seated rapidly seated where white daisies brought some sunshine to us on the table. Water was brought in a whisky glass bottle, amazing concept.

If you’re a big eater, you have to try it out! There’s a fixed menu that consists of an entrée, main meal and dessert. The main meal is either with meat, fish or vegetarian. Also, you can get a refill of each section, all this for just 18 dollars and taxes included, amazing deal. The menu was written on big boards, the waitress explained it to us. Coffee was included, but tea wasn’t unfortunately, an extra 2 dollars. Though I had a teapot that allowed me to have 3 cups so it was worth it, especially since I had a refill.

The entrée was grilled toast served with strawberry jam with real pieces of strawberries. I’ve never tasted such a good homemade jam, it was fruity and sweet and I did ask for more toast but it came after our main meals arrived.

Em had the vegetarian meal that consisted of florentine eggs with hash brown and green salad.  Florentine eggs subsitute spinach for the ham in benedict ones, also it was served on biscuits instead of english muffins. It tasted incredibly delicious, the hollandaise sauce was smooth and creamy, it melted on my tongue perfectly. I’d eat those egss every single day if I could. Hash brown are potato pieces that are friend, mushy and hot.

I had the meat meal that consisted of lardon, corn grits, brown sauce, mirror eggs and biscuit. Warning this might provoke a heart attack!!! Lardon is a very thick bacon fried, very fattening but deliciously divine. Grits are a porridge of corn, very sweet and yummy. The brown sauce was delicious, probably animal related but I forgot to ask exactly what it was. I’m not a fan of liquids eggs, but these mirrored one tasted so good and didn’t bother me as much since most of my plate was liquid. I can’t forget the biscuit, crunchy, soft, warm, not to sweet nor salty, a perfect combination (same in the florentine eggs). Small fact: my eyes teared up a bit while eating, I was overwhelmed by the goodness of this whole meal.

We managed to have space for dessert: sarrasin crepes with cherry sauce, whipped cream, green pistachios and a cherry on top. All this served in a cute bowl. It was a light, healthy dessert, not too sweet, just perfect.

The highlights of the day are all these meals served in porcelain plates and bowls, adding a sense of warmth as if we were having brunch in our grandmother’s homes. The Sparrow doesn’t serve the same meals on their brunch weekends, the perfect reason for us to go back again. The service was extremely good, both our waitress and server were extremely nice. Our neighbours asked for the main meal twice and the fish meal looked good despite me not being a fish person. The wallpaper behind Em was lovely and the atmosphere in the place was amazing with everyone enjoying their meals. Even the washroom are stylish, I had to snap a picture. There’s also a couch where you can have brunch on a vintage wood case that serves as a table. Perfect for a lazy sunday.


I am not easy on giving a perfect mark but this space definitely deserves a perfect 10. Em and I agreed it was the best brunch we have ever had so far. I didn’t have dinner that night, the lardon was indeed very filling like the waitress said. It might sound unbelievable to those who know me but I swear I wasn’t hungry until the next morning.

The Sparrow

5322 Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC

H2T 1A5 514-507-1642

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