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La Cantine

Em told me that she had one of the greatest french style brunch at La Cantine. On a Saturday morning, we headed there and we were glad there was no line up, very rare. Our waitress was a previous co-worker of ours, which enhanced the quality of our service. The place is really cozy and there was a corner with comfortable banquets. I wish we were more than 4 and would have been seated there. The decorations on the walls were pretty, black and white flower patterns. Despite the space being tiny, there was a bar section.

After hesitating for a while, I choose La Totale which included: scrambled eggs, pork pate, grilled baguette, beans, mini crêpes, shredded ham, bacon, mashed potatoes, fruits and salad. Em took the same but I added a fresh fruit smoothie with yogourt. I asked our waitress if the smoothie was good with yogourt and if it was filling or not. She said that he tasted better with but was a bit heavier, I could always take it to go if I didn’t finish it.

Our plates arrived faster than I expected and it was presented artistically delicious.

Those beans were the yummiest I’ve ever tasted in a brunch place, I even finished Em’s leftovers. The mashed potatoes were different from the homemade potatoes we usually get, it was perfectly mushy and warm, a nice change. The ham effiloché was very good, I loved the taste and that it looked classier than regular hams. The bacon was crispy, Em said it was the best she ever tasted. The only disappointment is the crepettes, I wasn’t expecting the crepes to be that small. Em had told me about it but I thought she was exaggerating about the size, guess she wasn’t. The smoothie was fresh, fruity and adding yogourt was a great decision. It added flavour without being overwhelming.

Yes I finished both my meal and my drink in case you wonder, leaving me extremely full.

My grade is 8.5/10, the service was extremely good and the food was amazing. It did help to know the waitress and not be charged the smoothie. : D  Great for a different style of brunch, very French with ze baguette. Whether you’re with friends or on a date, it’s a nice place, please try it with more than 4 people and let me know how comfortable the lounge section is. Prices vary between 15 and 25 dollars, a bit expensive but you eat well and the plate is diverse.

La Cantine

212 Mont-Royal East, Montreal, QC

H2T 1P3 514-750-9800

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  1. Merde, j’ai toujours faim après avoir lu ton blog, même en plein milieu de l’après-midi!


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