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Em, my brunch partner, had a bakesale thursday for CasaCares and I gladly helped out by baking heartshaped sugar cookies since it was a valentine’s theme!

Fresh out of the heaven at 6am!


I had time to decorate them at work with these icings and I had decorating tips from a set I bought but they didn’t fit!!! My hands were covered of pink and red, it was hell and the result was not as great as I thought it’d be unfortunately. 

They still looked cute but I am never using those icing, I’m gonna make my own and put it in a bag where my decorating tips will actually fit and the result will be better. 

Em saved me a red velvet cupcake she made, it was simply DELICIOUS!!! They were always sold out in previous bakesales, now I know why.

I have a sweet tooth, thus bakesales are paradise for me, I always buy lots of goods! This is what I also got, a sugar cookie covered with marshmallow fondant, peanut butter chocolate cupcake, peanut butter cookie, brownie cheesecake and red velvet whoopie pie. They were all so delicious!!! ❤

Friday, one of my co-workers after asking me to put an appointment for a customer if I was gonna bake cookies for valentine’s day. He had a feeling I would and I told him to wait and see, maybe I will or maybe I won’t. He still believed I would, guess I’m predictable by always baking on special days. It may sound silly but I love seeing the happy face of someone eating one of my baking goods, it makes my heart warm and fuzzy. : )


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